Day 2043: I look for the good in everyone

Today, I’m sharing another hidden thought:  I look for the good in everyone.

Is that Foolish? Wise? Naive?  Effective?  Dangerous? Safe?  The cognitive distortion of overgeneralizing?  Helpful?  Bad?  Good?

Yesterday, I looked for the good in a local production of the musical Chicago starring my son Aaron’s cousin Victoria as Velma Kelly. I found a lot of good AND a foolish, naive character singing “A Little Bit of Good (in Everyone).”

Here and now, I find good in this performance  of “A Little Bit of Good”by the original Mary Sunshine.

Even though Mary Sunshine spoofs a naive and foolish “sob sister” in Chicago, I will continue to look for the good in everyone.

I looked for the good in everyone yesterday and found these images:
















Thank you for looking for the good in my blog post today and many thanks to all who helped me create it!

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22 thoughts on “Day 2043: I look for the good in everyone

  1. How exciting about Iceland! And I look forward to seeing what you share with us from there!!! I love traveling through someone else’s eyes!

  2. i do the same with looking for the good in all people. it’s not always worked out as planned, but i still hold to it. it’s how i see the world )

  3. Victoria is also going places, Ann!

  4. This makes me think of Erikson’s basic trust v. basic mistrust. Basically I trust – disappointment can be a possibility, but it is the more comfortable outlook

  5. Projection is a powerful thing and can sometimes be positive. Here, for instance, I think you may look for the good in others because you also want to see the good in yourself, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  6. So many good peeps stop by here to connect with the good in you Ann. Thank you for sharing your goodness 💛

  7. When you look, you will find. The world needs more like you who look.

  8. I also try to look for the good in people but some people it is hard to find

  9. This is a strong phrase. Sometimes the good is not found readily, because like fruit it has yet to ripen.

  10. Starting point: expect the good, and try not to be disappointed if the other person fails. That’s their burden to overcome so your example can serve as their starting point. The point of it is not to add to the sadness and meanness of the world.

  11. What a great way to live and heal!! Thanks for sharing.

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