Day 2042: Hidden Thoughts

Everybody has hidden thoughts. I hope I make it safe enough for people to express their hidden thoughts, here and in therapy.

I  sometimes express my hidden thoughts  in pictures.


It seems hidden from Harley that I’m not trying to harm him with my iPhone. There he is, trying to hide himself upstairs after I tried to take a photo of him when he was hidden behind the downstairs curtains.


My hidden thoughts about having to return the wrong-sized ukulele case I ordered from Amazon included this: “Why wasn’t I smart enough to measure the friggin’ ukulele before I ordered the friggin’ ukulele case?!?!”

My hidden thoughts when I realized that the Amazon return location was smack in the middle of the Commonwealth Bridge reconstruction that is creating horrible traffic jams all over Boston included this: “!!!&%^$!&%$$!!@#!!!”




It was very hot and humid yesterday, and legal spaces for me to park my car were hidden from me. I expressed my hidden thoughts to a policeman directing traffic as follows: “I need to get to the Amazon return center. I can’t find any legal place to park around here!”  After taking a pause for some hidden thoughts, the policeman said, “I don’t think there will be a problem, but park on a side street and if you get a ticket bring it back to me.” I did find a legal space, a ten-minute walk away. I encountered the policeman on my walk to the Amazon return center and expressed these hidden thoughts, “Are you the best policeman ever?  Could I take your photo for my daily blog?”


Donald didn’t agree that he was the best policeman ever, but he did let me take his picture. I wonder what his hidden thoughts were there.

Can you find any hidden thoughts in my other photos from yesterday?




I wonder what the audience’s hidden thoughts were last night about my third original song, “Hidden Thoughts.”

Please express any hidden thoughts in a comment, below.

As always, there is no hidden gratitude towards all who help me express my hidden thoughts in this blog, including YOU!




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18 thoughts on “Day 2042: Hidden Thoughts

  1. Hidden Thoughts being nominated for Indie folk song of The Year

  2. The trick with hidden thoughts is to remember where I put them

  3. So much of yourself, Ann, is always in plain view. Thank you!

  4. Hidden thoughts: Harley, get back over here.

  5. If I expressed my hidden thoughts, such as “I have no idea what’s going on” they wouldn’t be hidden, but one thought I have no trouble expressing is I really enjoyed your song.

  6. I can’t hide my admiration for your singer-songwriter journey, and if there is a show of hands for this song I will put mine way, way up. This is my favourite of the three. Way to go!!

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  8. Some hidden thoughts need to stay hidden, just saying because thoughts like “I want to slap the stupid out of you” need to remained hidden.

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  10. That policeman!!! Gives me hope, balanced against the Baltimore police scandal.

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