Day 2040: If it were my dream

If it were your dream that I’ve written about discussing dreams in therapy groups before, that dream would be true (see “Shared Dreams,” here).

Yesterday morning, people shared and commented on each other’s dreams in group.  Because the dreamer is the expert on the dream, everyone else began their reactions with “If it were my dream it might mean …”


My dream is for all people to have the space and time to make their own meanings, instead of being told what their dreams should mean.

Last week, I dreamed that I was good friends with somebody with whom I’ve had years of conflict, bad feelings, and strife.

If it were your dream, what might that mean?

If it were your dream to share a dream below, please do so.

I dream of street signs like this, everywhere:


If that sign appeared in your dream, what would it mean?

If it were your dream to share a song about dreams, which one would you choose?

I choose “These Dreams,” by Heart.

If it were my dream to sing my heart out at any Open Mic tomorrow, what might that mean?

If it were my dream to thank all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — YOU, I would share photos like these:





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15 thoughts on “Day 2040: If it were my dream

  1. Hi Ann, yep, I’m happily dreaming and I’m glad to be back !!

  2. If it were my dream, it would be Dream Dream by Steve Forbert

  3. If it were my dream, Ann, I’d be trying to sleep right through the night!

  4. On Monday I saw Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again. It was so much fun. The music is still going round and round in my head, including “I had a dream”.

  5. I love your dream, Ann, although I can’t really imagine you having years of significant conflict with anybody who wasn’t bent on having significant conflict with you. If they showed up in your therapy room, I think you’d take time to see them from the inside and pretty soon the two of you would be writing stuff on the whiteboard together. 🙂

    My dream was that I was in a dark ocean trying to save an orange cat from drowning, and while I was struggling to save her I noticed that there was an identical cat drowning a little farther away. There was no shore.

    This could be a deeply meaningful dream. Or it might have something to do with the orange cat in the neighbourhood who looks just like my rescue cat, Mochi, who is challenging Mochi’s right to live here. It’s hard to know which is which when they tangle. (I try to keep Mochi in, but she was a street cat and sometimes gets out.)

    • If that were my dream, Maureen, it might mean that I was a kind and thoughtful person who did her best to help others (as you do for me whenever you comment).

  6. If it were my dream, Harley would be there each and every time.

  7. We have passed midsummer night’s dream,
    But I’ll still take that as my theme.
    So if my comments should offend
    Please remember I am still a friend.
    The strangest things happen when we sleep
    And yet the memories are so hard to keep.
    The lives we live while we slumber
    Are so varied and impossible to number,
    But after Morpheus has carried our spirits along
    We wake to dream you success with your song.

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