Day 2039: What do you deserve?

What do you deserve?  Somebody thinks you deserve a treat.


I think you deserve a daily blog post from me, among many other things.

I think you deserve compassion and kindness.


I think you deserve opportunities to make wishes and for some of them to come true.


I  think you deserve to feel strong, confident, and happy.


I think you deserve the kind of  president (or other national leader) who doesn’t make you want to drown your fears and sorrows with beer (or other kinds of alcohol).


I think you deserve  to be liked, no matter what other people think.


Seeed believes that “What You Deserve is What You Get.”

Do you think that music video deserves over 7 million views?

The Isley Brothers believe “You Deserve Better.”


Finally, you deserve thanks from me for visiting my blog!




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21 thoughts on “Day 2039: What do you deserve?

  1. UpChuckingwords

    what a happy place for me to land this morning… thank you!

  2. and you deserve a thank you for delivering a wonderful post that i can read with my coffee each morning.

  3. Thank you, Ann, for delivering us more than we deserve every dang day.

  4. Whatever I’m given

  5. I deserve no more or less than what is given

  6. I think we all deserve our just desserts and so I try to remember an uncle who liked to have dessert before a meal. He said “That way I always have room for it.”

  7. I think it’s a big problem that we (often we that are women) don’t think we deserve good things, or as good a thing as some people have. My sister lives in a tiny house on virtually no money because her ex is fighting support for her that she’s not sure she deserves even though he told her for 26 years that she didn’t have to work, and then he decided he needed a girlfriend too. I’m working on her though. She used to sign her emails to him withe a bb (standing for her first and last name) in small letters. I told her that made her look small and she needed to use her full name, complete with capital B. It’s a small step to stand up for herself. I don’t know how we let ourselves get like this, but we often do…defer to others. Enough!

    • I actually sign a lot of email ae because I like the way it flows in cursive, and I hate my upper case E. I need to think about this now.

      • Well, for me, it would depend on who you were emailing, and where you fell in the hierarchy of that relationship. In emails to friends, small case would be fine. If you were writing as a boss I wouldn’t use small case.

    • I hope you know you deserve great things. Thanks for these good comments.

  8. My first dog was a great judge of character. The first time she met the man who would become my husband, she jumped right up into his lap. The guy I dated before him? She walked up to him and pooped at his feet. He didn’t deserve that, but it was a pretty clear message.

    • I’m glad you had such a discerning, deserving dog. And I’m glad this blog deserved two comments from you, Allison.

  9. We all deserve to be happy

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