Day 2037: Maybe Later

Maybe later I’ll explain the title of today’s blog.

Maybe later I’ll call WordPress and ask them why I can’t create a new blog post on my laptop this morning.

Maybe later I’ll get some sleep.

Maybe later I’ll drive my son to the airport so he can fly to India for two weeks and then back to university in Edinburgh.

Maybe later I’ll purchase an adaptor for my trip to Iceland and later on to Edinburgh.

Maybe later I’ll work more on my 4th and 5th original songs.

Maybe later this week I’ll debut my 3rd original song — “Hidden Thoughts” — at an Open Mic in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Maybe later is sooner than we think.

Maybe later I’ll explain some of the photos I took yesterday.

Maybe later we’ll finish off that ice cream cake.

Maybe later you’ll watch and listen to Lowen and Navarro performing “Maybe Later.”

Maybe later you’ll leave a comment and maybe later than that I’ll reply.

Maybe later I’ll express my thanks to all who helped me create this “Maybe Later” post and to you, or maybe now.

Maybe later I’ll reveal how they say “THANKS!” in Retriever.

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20 thoughts on “Day 2037: Maybe Later

  1. Wow! There is so much going on in this post! Maybe later you will tell us about the elegant supper and the ice cream cake and if it was Aaron’s birthday.

    It is quite amazing that he is going to India before returning to Edinburgh. I am glad you will visit Edinburgh later this summer because both those places are very far away.

    • Maybe now I’ll tell you, Maureen, how much I appreciate all that goes on in your comments and that we had lunch at a restaurant that shows movies and that ice cream cake is in honor of his last night with us before he departs for India tonight.

  2. Maybe now I’ll say thank you for a curiously entertaining post Ann 💛 Good luck to Aaron on his adventure!

  3. Later always seems to be sooner, Ann, but maybe … may that still go either way by our choice.

  4. Maybe later I’ll tell Ann what I’ve been up to.

  5. It’ll be sooner than you think when you meet up with Aaron again in Edinburgh

  6. Maybe later I’ll eat my greens, and I hope later to hear your new song, but for now I’ll share a few lyrics from “Hard Candy Christmas” from the musical “The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas”.

    Maybe I’ll lose some weight,
    Maybe I’ll clear my junk,
    Maybe I’ll just get drunk on apple wine,
    Me, I’ll be just
    Fine and dandy.
    Lord it’s like a hard candy Christmas.
    I’m barely getting through tomorrow.
    But still I won’t let
    Sorrow bring me way down.

  7. Maybe later I will comment, maybe I will do it now and say later I will forget, maybe later I will write a post and maybe later it will warm up and be not so cold

  8. Maybe later we’ll be able to applaud your new music! Hope you can fit in your open mic session given such a full and exciting itinerary! 🙂

  9. Maybe later I will take another bite of that apple. Cheeky, that! Maybe later I’ll try to forget that you can’t even escape beauty books when you have cancer. Ugh. Fabulously beautiful cake! Now, not later…

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