Day 2036: What does RBG stand for?

Rarely Being Grandiose, this Regular Blog Genuinely Roams Blithely, Gathering Random Business, Generally.


Ruth Bader Ginsberg: Rational, Beautiful, Great, Rapturously Brilliant, and Grand!

What else does RBG stand for?

Rapt Bird Gazers.




Really Beautiful Greenery.


Rampant Blues and Greens.


Rocky Beaches Galore.


Radiant Boston, Glowing.

Red, Blue & Green.


Righteous Barber Greeting!

Rarely Beatable Goods.


Restocking Binders for Groups.


Right Bag for Guitar*?


Rats! Bigger Guitar*!



Really Big Gratitude for RBG and for this Random Blogger’s Great Readers, By Golly!


*Really Big Goof, Readers, But Geesh!Β  ukulele doesn’t start with the letters R, B, or G.


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28 thoughts on “Day 2036: What does RBG stand for?

  1. I’m a Really Bad Golfer

  2. Righteous Big Grin ! πŸ˜€

  3. Really, Bialczak Guffaws at the ukulele and guitar switcheroo.

  4. Righteous, Gracious and Beautiful landscapes Ann

  5. rancid big grapes

  6. Really Beautiful Graphics!

  7. β€œReady! Begin greatness!” is how I imagine you begin each blogging day since like Judge Ginsburg you are notorious for your positive work.

  8. Hi Ann – RBG stands for Really Blogging Greatness – that’s you. You should put those as professional initials at the end of your name – Ann Koplow, RBG.

  9. Lets become riveting beguiling geriatric together Ann 😎

  10. Got a kick out of the Nice Haircuts barbers – we have a business in our town called “Clean Cleaners”

  11. It stands for round big gal, which is what I am but that’s ok I am happy with who I am, I am a who I am like me or don’t it is up to you

  12. We’re on the same page regarding documentaries these days, Ann. We are planning to see RBG this week! I liked “right bag for guitar” the best! LOL! Clever! Hope you have a Really Great Breakfast tomorrow as you head into a new week of opportunities! πŸ™‚

  13. I really liked the RBG movie. Had no idea that she had made all those cases, though I remembered some of them from the70’s and 80’s.

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