Day 2035: How to Change “OW!” to “WOW!”

Yesterday, I changed “OW!” to “WOW!”




Note that I changed “OW!” to “WOW!”

  • with one letter,
  • in one second,
  •  doing my best, and
  • letting go of self-doubt.

Do any of today’s photos change “OW!” to “WOW!”?










Flowers,  cats, gelato, beautiful architecture, walks by the ocean, my son Aaron, and my boyfriend Michael all help me change “OW!” to “WOW!”

In two days, my son is leaving home (OW!) to travel to India and then to Edinburgh (WOW!).

In less than a week, I’ll be debuting my third original song (WOW!) at an Open Mic, and that song will feature many sounds including “OW!” and “WOW!”

In less than a month, I’ll be flying (OW!) on WOW Air  to Iceland (WOW!).

Here‘s “Wow” by the Lennie Tristano Sextet:

Music I love always changes “OW!” to “WOW!”

Any comment from you changes “OW!” to “WOW!” and so does gratitude.




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11 thoughts on “Day 2035: How to Change “OW!” to “WOW!”

  1. You live a WOW life, Ann.

  2. These are WOW flowers Ann!

  3. Hi Ann – Wow! so nice to see you. You sound like you are living a “Wow” filled life – off to Iceland? That sounds great!!! I am doing well – just living the dream!!!

  4. Sometimes all it takes is one small change. Thank you for reminding me of a lesson I learned from “The Adventures Of Letterman”, with the voices of Gene Wilder, Zero Mostel, and Joan Rivers. Take a bow!

    • WOW! Michael and I were talking about “The Adventures of Letterman” earlier this week! Thank you for being here, Chris.

  5. Lemon ricotta ice cream sounds very nice. We are melting today!

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