Day 2031: Concerned about

I’m concerned about many things.  Perhaps that’s what’s about my  taking this concerned photo yesterday:


I’m concerned about people in power acting bananas.





I’m concerned about the people who ask for money when I’m stopped at traffic lights on my commute to and from work.  I’ve started offering them bananas with concern, which some of them take.

I’m concerned about my wonderful dentist, Dr. Luis Del Castillo, who has been reading and appearing in this blog (here and here) for years. Dr. Del Castillo just received a double lung transplant. If you’re reading this, Dr. Del Castillo, I send you concern and love.

I was concerned about many things when I took my other photos yesterday.













The first three videos that pop up on YouTube in response to “concerned about” are concerned about the current U.S. President, whom I’m concerned about.

Here‘s “Hey” by Quietly Concerned.

What are you concerned about, quietly or otherwise?

As usual, I’m concerned about expressing my thanks to all who helped me create today’s concerned post and — of course! — to YOU.


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23 thoughts on “Day 2031: Concerned about

  1. like you, i’m concerned about our ‘leadership’ and the impact it will have on the world as well as at home. it is such a contrast to the kindness and open approach to the world that we had not so long ago.

  2. I hope there is no cause for concern for the good doctor

  3. Leadership, homelessness, health … Your list resonates, Ann.

  4. I’m concerned about the same things you are but also easily distracted which I would be concerned about if I could focus on it. I’m also concerned about bananas. The Cavendish is a banana so widespread it’s very susceptible to disease and climate change and if it’s wiped out we’ll have no bananas. And I’m concerned that the OED tells me “bananas” can mean “Crazy, mad, wild” which we already knew but doesn’t say anything about how that use might have started. I’m also concerned about Dr. Del Castillo and hope he gets well soon, and concerned I should have started with that and that my comments are too long.

  5. I am going to see my dentist in about an hour, and I will send positive thoughts and healing energy Dr. Del Castillo’s way. I remember your affectionate past posts about him very well.

  6. I hope your doc becomes whole and healthy soon.

    I think your eyeglasses are amazing, and I am impressed with your dry eraser marker selection.

    Right now, I am concerned about how I’m going to get a handful of things done over the next few days, but that’s kind of minor in the grand scheme.

    Watch out for rogue bananas – they’ll trip you up! If you find rouge bananas, buy them – they’re delicious.

  7. Ann, Relax.
    I was concerned about the last president. And we’re still here. Politics is like a pendulum; an instrument which swings by the power of gravity. Gravity in politics is the ever changing mood of the voter.

    • As far as I’m concerned, Alan, I agree that politics is like a pendulum. Thanks for your relaxing and concerned comment.

  8. There are many things I am concerned about some of those things I have no control over which is annoying but such is life

  9. I’m going to the dentist this week and am always a little concerned about that in spite of good dental health. I hope your dentist gets well soon. That is some surgery. And BTW, i really like those cool glasses you’re wearing in the picture. No concerns about those!

  10. I’m concerned about going bananas. Best wishes to your dentist.

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