Day 2029: Leave

While I’ve already written several previous blog posts with “Leave” in the title (here, here, here,  here, and here), I couldn’t leave well enough alone, mostly because

  1. I want a certain world leader to make like a tree and  leave and
  2. I heard this song yesterday morning:

Because I don’t like to leave everything up to chance, I asked my son — who is leaving soon for India and then Edinburgh — to help me create a relevant image for today’s post.


If you don’t like posts with lots of photos, you should leave now.  If you don’t leave, you might notice that many of yesterday’s photos have to do with today’s title, in one way or another.


When I think a meeting is bullshit, I want to leave.


Now that we’ve found our new home by the sea, I never want to leave.


My son Aaron will soon be leaving on a jet plane.


Batman probably wants to leave the cat shelter as soon as possible.

Because I need to leave the house soon, I’ll leave it up to you to notice the connections with “leave” in the rest of my photos.




I wonder how many readers will leave this post before all the photos load?

Before I leave my blogging for the day, I want to leave thanks for all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — for YOU.


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24 thoughts on “Day 2029: Leave

  1. I do love what you can do with a blog title.

  2. When someone leaves their memory stays, which is why there are so many songs about leaving. And knowing black cats are the least likely to be adopted is going to stay with me. Hopefully it helps that I’ve decided to leave a comment.

  3. What a sweet painting of Aaron as a kid. And to think he is off to India soon. That is quite amazing.

    One thing I noticed about you blog is that you do not lead a catless life. Do you volunteer at a sheltet? Or visit?

    I am so glad that you love living by the sea. That move was a big decision, but now there you are!

    I wouldn’t necessarily call every leader a world leader. To be a world leader, others have to agree to be led. And we don’t feel that agreeable, at this time. Maybe we are all muddling along, doing the best we can. Muddling along is how others learn how to step up. You are not alone.

    • Before we had to leave the area to live in our new home, we used to go on weekly visits to a cat shelter in Cambridge, Massachusetts, When we found a white and tiger cat named Harley there a few years ago, we couldn’t leave him behind. Thanks for being a leader in leaving great comments here, Maureen.

  4. You want me to leave?
    I just got here and I am being quiet and well behaved, but I can leave without making a scene, oh hang on I am not a world leader and I am not orange so maybe I can stay but sadly I am out of time so I am off…………………bye…………………….

  5. A full and lovely post Ann. Leaving can inspire us to move on with and open heart and mind. 💕

  6. I love the sky shots with the cirrus clouds!!! And the pictures of Aaron as a little boy. Just leaving a comment…

  7. A caption for the the first of the rest of your photos:

  8. Some folks won’t turn over a new leaf, Ann, no matter how high up they get.

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  10. Those are gorgeous skies

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