Day 2026: Orange

About four years ago, I wrote a blog post titled “Orange.”  Orange you glad I’m writing another one today?

Many things have changed since I wrote that blog post, including this: The United States of America has a president who inspires a lot of jokes about orange. As a matter of fact, I wrote a joke about that two days ago:

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange you mad he’s president?

Speaking of presidents, I conducted my first board meeting last night as president of an organization whose official color is orange.


Orange I thrilled that meeting went well!

Orange you ready for my other photos from yesterday?




Orange I happy I get to do therapy groups where we discuss new beginnings!


Orange you relieved I’m typing  that hard-to-read handwriting in the above photo?

We don’t have to be in great shape to embark on a new beginning.

There is pain in new beginnings.

There are gifts and rewards in new beginnings.

You can keep doing things until you get things the way you want them.

Gardens keep having new beginnings.




When I chose this home a year ago, I knew it would be a welcoming place for the wonderful and caring people on my board.

Here are some recent photos from this blog which have orange in them:

I’ll be traveling to Iceland next month.  The Orange County Register lists 5 reasons to visit Iceland, here:

Here‘s an orange song, where you can sing along:

Orange you going to leave a comment?

Thanks to all who helped me create today’s orange post and — of course! — to YOU.


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20 thoughts on “Day 2026: Orange

  1. I’m tickled pink with your orange post. Congratulations on your first board meeting. Orange you glad I stopped by?

  2. I’m summoning up the zest for a pithy comment

  3. I really needed the New Beginnings advice today – the first one was especially important. I’m not in great shape to start the journey I need to get in better shape. And that’s OK. My current shape is not unlike an orange – round. But if you can get past the peel, that’s where the magic happens!

  4. Carrots are not always orange. Neither are jack-o-lanterns. I hate to say that but it bothers me when children’s songs teach inaccurate information. I believe when we teach children to value facts and also to appreciate how diverse and complex our world is they’re more likely to give peach a chance. Now it’s time for me to make like a banana and split.

  5. Gardens have all the colours of the rainbow, including orange. I really like your message about gardens keep having new beginnings. I think I’ll frame it. Orange I’m glad you’re here!

  6. Eleanor

    Ann, all these years of reading your blog and I just realized that YOU WRITE OUTSIDE THE LINES!
    Unless you’ve never used lined paper before?

    • On special occasions, Eleanor, I write outside the lines. Thank you, my friend, for writing these lines in my blog.

  7. In Syracuse, Ann, people often cheer, “Let’s go Orange!”

  8. Orange you proud of those legs, Oscar!

  9. I really like the way you attached your carpet to the stairs. I haven’t seen that.

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