Day 2025: Backbone

The first photo I took yesterday showed some backbone.


Here‘s a definition of “backbone”:

1 : spinal column, spine
2 : something that resembles a backbone: such as
a : a chief mountain ridge, range, or system
b : the foundation or most substantial or sturdiest part of something
c : the longest chain of atoms or groups of atoms in a usually long molecule (such as a polymer or protein)
d : the primary high-speed hardware and transmission lines of a telecommunications network (such as the Internet)
3 : firm and resolute character

I hope I’m exhibiting firm and resolute character as I send you this blog post over the primary high-speed hardware and transmission lines of the internet.

Do you see any backbone in my other photos today?














There are several “Backbone” songs on YouTube, including this one:

Feel free to show some backbone in a comment, below.

Gratitude is a backbone of this daily blog, so thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.


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15 thoughts on “Day 2025: Backbone

  1. I’m afraid to leave important words out of my comments, Ann.

  2. I feeling my backbone today,
    It’s the icy cold weather
    Did too much yesterday
    A warm bed and I’ll feel better.

  3. The little guy in the orange shirt is marvellous:

  4. A firm and resolute character is a wonderful thing but sometimes I think the backbone itself is overrated. The most resilient creatures on Earth are invertebrates, and we can learn a lot from them. Consider the siphonophore which, as Stephen Jay Gould explains in his essay “A Most Ingenious Paradox”, is both an individual and a colony whose parts depend on each other to survive. I know as president of your own organization you’ll make some decisions as an individual but always with the good of everyone in mind. I wish I could say the same about other presidents.

  5. Oscar is my backbone too!

  6. I know some people who have a backbone made of jelly as soon as they find themselves in hot water their backbone melts and then end up on the ground

  7. My precious dog brought me a desiccated backbone once. She found it under our porch. I know it belonged to a possum from the face still attached. Chills ran up my backbone. Love the PTSD photo. We all suffer. If not yet, then soon.

  8. I used to think my mom was so cool because she could bend over backwards from a standing position and put her palms on the floor behind her. Then as I got older I had to be able to do something spectacular, too. So I learned how to bend forward from an upright sitting position until the top half of my body is flat on the floor. There! I showed her once but she was a little underwhelmed. I actually still think she was pretty cool.

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