Day 2021: Weird behaviors explained

What weird behaviors would you like explained today, dear readers?

Weird behaviors in my blog include posting photos, unexplained.
















Yesterday, Michael was trying to explain the weird behaviors of three hawks who were hanging around outside our home.

I can’t explain the weird behaviors of my new laptop, which automatically loads some photos from my iPhone but not others, like this one:


Shall we try to explain weird behaviors like throwing away things that say “Do Not Throw Away”?

Here are 10 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained:

My cat’s weird behavior of biting me in the morning remains unexplained.

More weird behaviors explained:

Do I need to explain my weird behaviors of thanking all — including YOU — at the end of my posts?


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12 thoughts on “Day 2021: Weird behaviors explained

  1. There’s always something unexplained. Makes life interesting. 🙃

  2. What’s weird? What’s normal? I can hardly tell anymore, Ann, much less explain.

  3. In at least one Star Trek episode Kirk beats Spock at chess—3 dimensional chess, no less—using an illogical strategy. Although, as Mr. Spock himself would say in the episode “I, Mudd”, “Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers that smell bad.”
    Sometimes it’s best to let things remain unexplained. The weird is a wicked awesome gift.

  4. Your cats are always doing g something wonderful and weird. Do you think you are tastiest in the morning?

  5. Weird behaviour comes from being wired up wrongly

  6. There’s nothing wrong with ancestry having weirded us a little

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