Day 2019: Hey!

Hey!  Do you know the meaning of “hey”?


used to attract attention, to express surprise, interest, or annoyance, or to elicit agreement.
“hey, what’s going on here?”
used as a friendly greeting.
“I just called to say hey”

Hey!  One syllable can express surprise, interest, annoyance, elicit agreement, or be a friendly greeting. Hey!  How can we know what people really mean when they say “Hey!”?

Hey!  Look at all the photos I took yesterday!

























Hey!  Those are three people I love.   Hey!  Did you notice that my Primary Care Physician, Dr. Laura Snydman, was running late yesterday?  Hey!  What else did you notice?

Hey! I forgot to include the photo I took after yesterday’s Coping and Healing group, where we focused on feelings.


Hey!  I hope you know that all feelings are accepted here.

Hey!  Here’s “Hey Ya!” by Outkast:


Hey!  If you can’t see that VEVO video, maybe you can see this one:

Hey!  Here‘s another live performance of “Hey Ya!”


Hey!  I’m grateful to all who help me create these posts and — of course! — to YOU.



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28 thoughts on “Day 2019: Hey!

  1. i would buy some ‘lemin nayd’ in a heartbeat. hey

  2. Back in the day, elders would tell an excited me, “hay is for horses.” Language took that one out of play by changing the spelling of the exclamation to hey, Ann. Hey, way to adapt!

  3. I teach at IKEA and everyone says Hey all the time. Except its “hej ” meaning hello in Swedish. Perhaps its comes from the early settlers. Hej Ann!

  4. Hey! Lol, thanks for sharing 😄. There were some really cool pics and it was interesting to see what happened in your day.

  5. Hey, Ann. Fun post.

  6. Hey Oscar, over here!

  7. Hey, are those photos of sunrise or sunset? Here on the west coast, sun that colour iver water would likely be sunrise.

    That group walk looks pretty wonderful.

  8. Hey! A few years ago my wife and I went to see a stage production of 101 Dalmatians with some real dogs performing and also some actors in Dalmatian costumes. Instead of barking the actors would yell “Hey! Hey!” And now whenever our dogs bark I think that’s what they’re saying. Hey, did you know Dodie Smith’s novel was based on her real experience when one of her dogs gave birth to fifteen puppies? Fortunately none were kidnapped or in danger of being turned into coats. Hey, if you didn’t know that you’ve learned something.

  9. I love the “expected wait times” board. I ask, every time I check in for a doctor’s appointment whether they are running on schedule. I’ve never been told “no”, even if that’s the case. I don’t mind people running behind – it happens. I do mind being misled.

    And I don’t know what a bowl of rights is, I just know I need one.

  10. Jan Woodruff

    I know those people, taking a walk!!

  11. lifeinkarolingston

    Hey! Beautiful sunset! 😊

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