Day 2018: 2018

What kind of number is 2018? The website Numbermatics tells us that

2018 is an even composite number. It is composed of two distinct prime numbers multiplied together. It has a total of four divisors.

2018 squared (20182) is 4072324
2018 cubed (20183) is 8217949832
The square root of 2018 is 44.9221548905
The cube root of 2018 is 12.6368953011

To count from 1 to 2018 would take you about thirty-three minutes.

It takes me about thirty-three minutes to create my daily blog posts, including one where the number of the post equals the number of the year.

2018 is also approximately the number of thoughts I had about how to mark this special number today. I spent about 2018 seconds searching for “mathematical puns” and I found Yan’s One Minute Math Blog, which included these mathematical puns from Stewart Francis:

I’m the youngest of three, my parents are both older.

Of the twenty-seven
students in my maths class,
I was the only one who failed.
What are the odds of that, one
in a million?

What are the odds of my blogging consecutively for 2018 days?  What are the odds of 2018 being the kind of year it’s been?

The number of photos I’m sharing today is approximately the cube root of 2018:














After spending approximately 2018 seconds creating this blog, I can see glimmers of light at the end of the tunnel.  Can you?

Here‘s what comes up for “2018” on YouTube:

One more mathematical fact: that has 6.5K likes and 6.7K dislikes on YouTube.

I wonder what number of comments I’ll get on this 2018 post?

I’ve been grateful 2018 times to those who help me create this blog and — of course! — to YOU.




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18 thoughts on “Day 2018: 2018

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  2. For me 2018 equals 67, mum’s been gone 4, dads been gone 3, Lily’s been gone 1, and Carole’s been gone 6, I survived and I’m doing fine… in 2018

  3. I figure I’m happy to see you here any number of ways, every dang day, Ann.

  4. Your blog, numerous and dependable, always satisfies. I love that painting/photo of the koi. Keep up the good work, Ann!

  5. 2018 is a long time past 2000 which once seemed far into the future

  6. What are the odds that during 5.528767123287671 years and counting you’d have one day when the number of days you’ve been blogging matches the year? Well, pretty good, I’d think, although I remember a joke Jon Stewart made about the celebrations around the year 2000. He said, “Of course for the Jews it’s 5760, for Muslims it’s 1420, and for the Chinese it’s…who knows?”
    It’s a remarkable milestone, though, especially since your blog doesn’t look a day over 2013.

  7. I would’t be able to count that high as I would get distracted and forget what number I was up to, just saying, I am easily distracted

  8. I don’t think mathematically at all, so I’m impressed with the computing that went into this fascinating post! I loved the “courtesy warning” paired with the television! I wish more places observed that rule. I truly wish I could go to the doctor or other appointment and not be subjected to the television at all, but alas, that’s not happening! But HGTV…I might actually enjoy that. 🙂

  9. The 2 tv photos resonate. I used to work at a clinic with notoriously long wait times. We had a series of waiting rooms based on where in the lengthy exam process you fell. We had meetings where an agenda point was deciding what channels were acceptable. Travel, Food Network, Weather, and Golf Network were our defaults. News was verboten – not because it was contentious, but because the crawl displayed the time, and we didn’t want people to know how far behind we were. And yet, any time I walked into an empty waiting area – news.

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