Day 2014: How do you stop catastrophizing?

When there are so many catastrophes around, how do you stop catastrophizing?

Do you share what you observe?

When the cupboard is bare, do you stock it?

Do you imagine a world without cancer?

Do you keep calm and carry on?

Do you get in touch with your strengths?

Do you change your life?

Do you try to see your way through all the clutter?

Do you let go of judgment and cognitive distortions, focusing on what helps?

Do you try meditation?

Do you turn to music?

Do you share your catastrophizing with other people?

Do you forgive yourself and others for mistakes? Do you gird yourself for the next catastrophe? Or, do you focus on gratitude?

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29 thoughts on “Day 2014: How do you stop catastrophizing?

  1. yes, it helps me to share it at times with friends and family or to go into the woods for a quiet walk which seems to reset my balance.

  2. Sharing the moment sure does help, Ann. Congratulations for your time on stage!

  3. Speaking it (or singing it) can help tremendously. Sometimes I need to shut everything off that is exacerbating the catastrophizing!

  4. Wow! Great topic, Ann! It’s easy for me to catastrophize when DH has been diagnosed with AD. So I try to stay in the now. I feel strong because, like Marie Kondo says, I’ve been letting go of the stuff I don’t love to declutter the home that we are selling, and in my closet, especially what doesn’t fit since I’ve lost almost 30 lbs! The realtor’s photographer came yesterday and he and the agent thought the place looks great, so we are optimistic, but not living in the future but staying in the now. The listing goes live today or tomorrow. DH following the ReCODE Protocol, including a ketogenic diet. He’s doing brain training, and working with a functional medicine specialist who is ordering a huge panel of blood tests for the Protocol to show deficiencies and what type of AD he has. Thanks for being here!

  5. You are definitely not a one-hit wonder, Ann. Catastrophizing is a seriously funny song. Made me laugh several times. You rock!

  6. After analyzing your performance of “Catastrophizing” in a place where the coffee is appetizing it’s not surprising your star is rising, and far from being a one or even two hit wonder you’re realizing your talent for song compositionizing.

  7. Seriously entertaining …. great topic to bring some humor to Ann 💛

  8. What a rock star!

  9. I so love hearing your perform! I love music and enjoy singing, but never have had the “nerve” to be onstage. I admire your enthusiasm to pursue the pastimes that refuel you! I’ve never before been as focused and aware on my need to avoid catastrophizing. I think you’ve helped me, once again, think about where I can continue to improve my emotional balance. 🙂

  10. I think you’d agree I share what I observe – through the lens, as you do

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