Day 2013: Object

I object to my primary blogging tool — my laptop computer — turning into a useless object.

I hope you don’t object to my sharing a definition in a new way, by taking a screenshot on my phone:

Because I was aware of my useless laptop as an object yesterday, I took many photos of other objects. I thought the object of today’s post was going to be “Still Life” — allowing me to make this pun: “Even though my laptop is dead, there’s still life in me and in my blog.”

I hope you don’t object to my calling today’s post “Object” instead. Here were the objects of my attention yesterday:

Last night in a therapy group, nobody objected to exploring the topic “What I Say/What I Don’t Say.”

Here‘s “The Annoyed Objects” by DeStorm Power:

I look forward to the objects of your comments, below.

You are all now the object of my gratitude. (I assume you do not object to being that kind of object.)

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9 thoughts on “Day 2013: Object

  1. I hope there’s still life in that laptop after some genius lays hands on it, Ann.

  2. I don’t object Harley

  3. I know you never object to a challenge and look forward to when the object you cast is the die and cross the Rubicon of taking your laptop to be repaired.

  4. May your useless object become useful again so you can get on with your subjects

  5. I am catastrophizing a bit about those chairs on the deck. They look high. Can someone fall out of them right over the safety railing?

    I am very sorry your laptop has become a useless object. That is a loss. Maybe a cat would like to lie on it?

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