Day 2012: It’s Not Me

“It’s Not Me” says my t-shirt, made by me.

Yesterday, when I was wearing that t-shirt, somebody asked me, “Who is it?” and I didn’t have an answer.

Apparently, it’s not me this morning. My laptop computer is inexplicably dead, dead, dead and I am calm, calm, calm, despite my usual panic about such things.

If it’s not me, who is it? Perhaps it’s somebody who finally realizes that fear and panic solve nothing.

It’s not me in my other photos from yesterday.

It’s now me pointing out that my laptop was working perfectly well last night before we watched the Boston fireworks from our home.

It’s not me who can fix an Apple laptop, so I’ll be consulting some expert today.

It is me who is the expert on my own experience; it’s not me who is the expert on computer technology (even though I used to be a technical writer).

It’s not me who prefers to blog on my phone; it is me who overcomes obstacles to do what’s important to me.

It’s not me who is singing this …

… but it is me who will be performing my second original song at an Open Mic tomorrow night.

It’s not me who said “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life” but it is me who has gratitude, here and now, for all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — for YOU.

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16 thoughts on “Day 2012: It’s Not Me

  1. Congratulations on getting this beautiful post out to us this morning so smoothly, you.

  2. It’s not me, it’s you Harley

  3. Your statement makes me think of another favourite… If not me, who? If not now, when?

  4. We are expecting visitors. There are temporary traffic lights on either side of our narrow road. There is consequently only one lane working. A huge drainage vehicle is parked just beside our entrance. I have tried to phone our friends. Bothe the landline and the mobile are giving me the message: “It has not been possible to connect your call. Please try again later”. Please, tell me it’s not me.

  5. That shirt is very you and reminds me of the time a woman told me she bought her husband a pink shirt. He didn’t think it was him but the first time he wore it he got so many compliments he wore it all the time. Sometimes others can help us see who we are.
    Good luck with your performance!

  6. I’m not sure but it might be me?
    I love the picture of Aaron.
    Good luck with your laptop.

  7. I had to laugh, Ann, because i just got my MacBook Air back from the technician on Tuesday. Mine desperately needed help and I was skeptical that I’d have a “new” computer back in my hands, but I do. In the meantime, I tried to work with my iPhone and I just don’t have the patience. So I’m impressed with how you overcame the obstacle! I am letting go more and more with the “fear and panic” response to a lot of things. Initial hyper-reaction is unfortunately often very much ME, but I’m working on changing that…I may need to make my own t-shirt! 🙂

  8. You can’t help being you Ann. I love that 💕

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