Day 2011: What’s your intent?

When I am confused by somebody’s actions or statements, I like to ask “What’s your intent?”

If I don’t ask, I assume what the intent is and I’m probably wrong.

If I knew the owner of this car …


… I would ask  “What’s your intent in having that license plate?”   Because I don’t know that person, I assume it’s a communication about disaster.  What kind of disaster?  Maybe living in Maine is a disaster for a lobster.

What’s my intent in taking and sharing these other photos?










My intent is to tell you that you are not alone. We’re all in this together.

Here‘s “Good Intent” from Kimbra.

What’s your intent in reading my blog today?  Please express your intent in a comment, below.

At the end of every post, my intent is to express thanks to all who helped me create it and — of course! — to YOU.


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23 thoughts on “Day 2011: What’s your intent?

  1. Love your intent that we’re all in this together. Not so much the number plate.

  2. My intent is to read your blog and smile, and then I intend to give you my words loud and clear.
    Let Us Not Be Silent

    Let us not turn a blind eye
    Clear the dark clouds from our sky
    Extract our heads from the sand
    Join our national brass band
    Blow loudly on your trumpets
    Let us stop being pawns and puppets
    We’re not the sheep of their lands
    We can be the blanket for our lambs
    A collective sheet, protective and grand

    Let us not be silent and bland
    We’re distraught and outraged
    Compassion, love, is paramount on centre-stage
    Clear the stage, make a stand
    The worlds suffering children need us
    Before they’re herded onto the bus
    Like lambs to the slaughter
    Imagine, our sons and daughters
    Laying on concrete, alone and caged
    Crying, weeping, could it be our ice-age

    • Powerful words! I love the ‘intent’ of this message. It is loud and clear and one I think we all need to heed.

      • Thank you for reading my humble words, Lately I’ve been emotionally jolted these recent events, and I’ve felt compelled to say, and do something.

    • It is my intent to thank you for all of these powerful words.

  3. My intent is to always follow you Ann and gather wisdom from your words.

  4. I intend to smile about the tail-wagging dog photo, rain or shine, Ann. Happy Fourth to you, Michael and Aaron.

  5. Sometimes when someone reads something I’ve written and asks, “What was your intent?” I don’t know. Sometimes, as strange as it sounds, I only understand the intent afterward, but I always go in hoping the intent is good.

  6. I suppose I only know ‘my’ intent for anything I do, and I can’t even guarantee I know that ! I will say that the creative intent behind the dog car sticker to wag his tail totally made me smile. I mean, whether it was the creator’s intent or not, how can one not smile a dog wagging his tail. Even if it is a window wiper!

  7. The best vanity plate I saw was a Maine Plate that read MISSME – it is clever on several levels. My friend Barb Nelson had a plate that was TRES BN. Also clever.

  8. millenialworm

    My intent is to read your post because I like your posts and I would like you to read one of mine

  9. Don’t ask my what my intent is because half the time I have no idea, I just do and say stuff without thinking

  10. My intent today is to say Happy Independence Day to all of my American friends on Ann’s blog.

  11. Clarification always helps

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