Day 2009: What would make you happy?

What would make you happy?


I’ll try to answer that big question, so I can be one step closer.

People who I love being happy would make me happy.


Justice would make me happy.


The results I want for the USA midterm elections would make me happy.

Let’s see if my latest photos would make anybody happy.












The best advice I ever got was to show up, be gentle, and tell the truth — all steps closer to happiness.

It would make me happy, here and now,  to share “One Step Closer” by the Doobie Brothers with you.

Comments would make me happy, too.

It always makes me happy to thank those who help me create my daily blogs and — of course! — YOU.


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22 thoughts on “Day 2009: What would make you happy?

  1. It makes me happy that I was able to get over to your blog and see what makes you happy Ann. Love all the images I found here!

  2. My dear wife Karen spends her last day on the job with her second shift with some weekend hours today, Ann, and starts a new job with first shift matching my Monday to Friday hours after the holiday. That makes me happy!

  3. People seeking connection and valuing differences would make me happy.

  4. Billy Crystal said that when his grandfather would talk about “the old days” they didn’t have anything: “What happiness? We didn’t have happiness! We were miserable and we loved it!” It was in the old days that I first heard that and it still makes me laugh.

  5. Actually, a lot of those pictures make me happy – the pet tag greeting cards – I need those. All of them. I love when magazine covers promise the unrealistic. Your Sassiest Summer Ever! Christmas Prep in 3 Hours! The Diet That Works Miracles!

  6. Simpler things make me happy these days — hugs from grandbabies, sleeping in late, writing. All the rest doesn’t matter, does it? Love your pics too!

  7. More grandchildren would make me happy and winning a large sum of money

  8. Leaving a comment makes me happy 🙂

  9. The “big” picture: being master of my own time would make me happy. It seems like so much of my time is spent answering to others. I’d like less of that and more of my own time back.

  10. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay it duz not tayk too mutch to mayk me happy!!! a treet and sum cuddel time with mama is all i need!!! cuddel time with dada wood do in a pintch if mama wer not arownd!!! ha ha ok bye

    • I miss you, Dennis, and I’m sorry I missed responding to this comment until now. Two years after you left this comment, our kitty Oscar is getting closer to crossing the rainbow bridge to be with you. It makes me happy to think about you playing together in the near future.

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