Day 2007: Don’t Look Back

Don’t look back at my recent posts, or you might see this:


Don’t slavishly obey people who tell you what to do or not to do.  Look back if you want to — you might see something important.

When I look back at yesterday, I see all these things, looking back.
















When I look back, I see beauty, clouds, benevolence, sympathy, fear, worry, my son Aaron, his friend Cameron, books, bunnies, and Boston.

What do you see when you look back?

Here‘s Boston telling us “Don’t Look Back.”

When I looked back at YouTube just now,  this was playing after “Don’t Look Back.”

I look forward to looking back at whatever comments there are for this “Don’t Look Back” post.

Don’t look back at my blog if you don’t want to see gratitude looking back at you.




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17 thoughts on “Day 2007: Don’t Look Back

  1. Looking back, all I see is 5.49863014 years of blogging excellence.

    • Don’t look now, Ray, but you’ve got many years of blogging excellence, too. And I look back on our ongoing connection here with gratitude.

  2. I can see the great times we actually met in Cape Cod, Ann! That cheers me up, thank you.

  3. I love the Paul McCartney in the car piece.

  4. I keep looking back at the bunny in the stroller, thinking I’ve never seen anything like that before but it makes me look back at other wonderfully strange encounters and how everything new is colored by what came before.

  5. Buggy Bunny, I presume

  6. While I am spending a few weeks in the house that my parents built I am surrounded in memories and can’t help but look back quite frequently with a bit of yearning for days not so long ago. Still…I am trying to let all that go just a bit and remember I still have years (I hope) of looking forward to enjoy.

  7. There is really nothing like the ocean, whether looking back or looking ahead.

  8. What a calm beautiful day and post Ann. That bunny was a surprise 👀💕

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