Day 2004: A Word

Can I have a word with you?

Yesterday was a day when I added an amalgam of A words to a whiteboard.


Are any of those A words applicable to anybody at all?

In the afternoon, I expressed another A word about words on the news:


Any A words addressed anywhere below?


After a day like yesterday, Ann needs a moment to say “Ahhhhhhh.”

Here are additional A words.

Ann announces an admiration for anyone who leaves a word, below.

Another A word:


A word of gratitude for all is always available here.


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25 thoughts on “Day 2004: A Word

  1. Admirable atmospheric artwork

  2. Attention, all! Ann aims at A’s. Amazing alacrity, amiga.

  3. Ann almost added all ‘a’s. Absent? Amazing Ann.

  4. Ann I’ve Accumulated Ample “Words Of Mine”

  5. An amazing word is “abecedarium” which describes books like Czeslaw Milosz’s ABCs and Roy Blount Jr.’s Alphabet Soup. Where would we be without words?

  6. Always good to take an AHHHHHHHHHHH moment!

  7. I have some “A” words for you, awesome and amazing

  8. Ann I feel your anxiety and apprehensions over yesterdays awful news and wish I could anchor you to a safe harbour so that you can appreciate how admirable, amazing, abiding, adorable, affable, altruistic, and amicable you are. Love always, Carol

    • Ann asserts that it takes one admirable, amazing, abiding, adorable, affable, altruistic, and amicable advocate to know another one. Love always to you!

  9. Aah, Ann, an aplomb of an achievement and amusing also!

  10. I appreciate your beautiful photos.

  11. Also… Are you going to let us know why you have been sharing photos of sanitary inspection certificates and alteration permits? Are you building something? With asbestis?

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