Day 2003: Unexpressed thoughts

At the end of a therapy group or any other important gathering, I sometimes ask if there are unexpressed thoughts.  And, of course, there always are.

On the plane home from Chicago, I expressed some unexpressed thoughts by writing my third original song in the past two months.  I’d like to express my surprise at this new and previously unexpressed and unexplored creative outlet.

The title of this new song might be “Unexpressed Thoughts.”  Here are some previously unexpressed lyrics:

What am I thinking?

What’s going on in my mind?

If you were psychic

What hidden thoughts would you find?

If you could do that,

Look inside of my brain,

Would you go through that?

Might there be lessons to gain?

© Ann Koplow,  2018

I have unexpressed indecision about the lyrics following those.  Do you have any thoughts about which version you prefer? Feel free to express those thoughts (or any others) below.

If you want to hear the thoughts in here, I’ll share.

My inner mind you now will find, laid bare.

© Ann Koplow, 2018


If you want to know let’s have a show of hands.

Okay, here goes, let’s see who understands.

© Ann Koplow, 2018

And then, I express my unexpressed thoughts in song.

Let’s see if there are any unexpressed thoughts in my photos from yesterday.























I wonder about Harley’s unexpressed thoughts. I expressed my thought last night that one of those clouds looked like a dragon and Michael expressed agreement.   And Aaron and I expressed our gratitude about another delicious meal from Michael.

Are there any unexpressed thoughts on YouTube?  I found unexpressed thoughts here,


and here.

Gratitude is rarely unexpressed here, so thanks to all who helped me expressed these unexpressed thoughts today and — of course! — to YOU.


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18 thoughts on “Day 2003: Unexpressed thoughts

  1. Can you incorporate both versions somehow? The first is my favorite but I like them both.

    And I would gladly travel your brain. I think I would be enlightened.

  2. You post makes me want to pick up a guitar and find a tune for your song.

  3. OK, Ann. Or: I hope you’re ready, Myrtle. What’s in here is oh so fertile.

  4. I go for the second option for the next lyrics

  5. I’m sure I have some unexpressed thoughts. They just haven’t expressed themselves to me yet.

  6. As I read the two alternatives in your song lyrics all I can think is that both so perfectly express what you’re trying to say that it would be a loss if you didn’t include both.
    I thought you’d addressed unexpressed thoughts before, but maybe not, although a quick search did find this wisdom from 1979 days ago:
    Just writing or talking about something — sharing a story, especially a previously unexpressed one — can help quite a bit, I believe.

  7. My unexpressed thoughts are often best kept unexpressed because they are weird and at times inappropriate

  8. The light on your dinner table is beautiful and so different from an earlier photo taken on a greyer day.

    Congratulations on your third song! I love it.

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