Day 2002: What gives you a lift?

In times like these,  it’s important to ask the question “What gives you a lift?”

What gives me a lift includes a visit to Chicago,


sunshine, being near the water,


urban parks,




freedom of the press,



Edinburgh, Scotland (which I’m visiting again with my son in August), good public transportation,


Lyft drivers who have candy for their passengers,


sand sculptures,



embracing that it’s my time to fly, and most of all, coming home.

My friend Dave guarantees that watching this will give me a lift:


It did!  I’m sure your comments will give me a lift, too.

Gratitude, as always, gives me a lift. Thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.



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25 thoughts on “Day 2002: What gives you a lift?

  1. You certainly want me to lift myself up and someday visit the Windy City, Ann.

    • Chicago will definitely give you a lift, Mark, and thanks for all the lifts you’ve given me over the years.

  2. Positive comments

  3. Beautiful photography!

  4. Sunshine. At last we’re getting a proper summer here in Wales, and I couldn’t be more grateful. 🙂

  5. I’m short because I’m afraid of heights so I like to keep my feet on the ground even when my head is in the clouds, but I find that talking to someone who’s on my level can be a real pick me up as long as things stay on an even keel.

  6. A trip back to Penny Lane is always an upper.

  7. Sunshine and being near water do it for me Ann. 💛 We are talking about finding some place like that within the next few years.

    • I’m so glad you’ll be getting those wonderful lifts, Val! Thanks for lifting us up over the years with your uplifting blog.

  8. Elevators give me a lift
    Escalators give me a lift
    Life gives me a lift
    Just saying

  9. For some reason I got very emotional (in a good way) with Sir Paul’s show.

  10. Your blog always give me a lift, Ann! I make a point to read it when I can, and to like it when I do, and to leave a comment when time permits. So if I was here, I loved it! I am very busy now that we are preparing our house for sale up north, and also cooking 3 ketogenic meals daily for my DH who’s doing the ReCODE plan., and working 3 mornings a week. 😳 I hope you’ve enjoyed Chi Town as much as I enjoyed your photos!

    • Your comments always give me a lift, Sunny. Thanks for taking the time while you’re so busy. And Chicago is wonderfully uplifting.

  11. My daughter sent me the Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke link the other day and I loved it! It gave me a lift, too. Your trip to Chicago has certainly offered many of the sights and experiences that I would also enjoy, and a trip to Edinburgh, where my grandmother was born, would be a thrill! I’m energized just thinking about all these uplifting thoughts. 🙂

  12. Beautiful blog!

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