Day 2001: A Real Piece of Art

Yesterday, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, I saw this:


Is that a real piece of art?  Do any of my other photos today show real pieces of art? Or real pieces of anything else?

This post has 70 photos, but who’s counting? (For the answer to that question, please see yesterday’s post.)

In case it was difficult to see the real pieces of art in one of the photos above, here’s a closer look at it:


That’s the exterior of the Chicago Tribune building, which includes real pieces of art from around the world, including pieces of Edinburgh Castle and the Taj Mahal.

Here‘s a video about a real piece of art featured in today’s post:

Here‘s another one:

I’ve been working on real pieces of a new song, which somebody recorded when I performed it yesterday. Perhaps a real piece of  that will show up on YouTube soon, too.

I’m looking forward to real pieces of comments, below.

A real piece of gratitude to all the real pieces of art and real pieces of other things that appeared in today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.


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14 thoughts on “Day 2001: A Real Piece of Art

  1. That Ditka I’d call a real piece of work, Ann. The faces above the fountain is an interesting piece of city landscape. Yay, Chicago.

  2. Chicago is a real broad-shouldered city of art, not just because of its public art but also because of the people who work together to make the art. All art both comes from and contributes to a language we all share and that, combined with the fact that you’ve been in the art of blogging for 2001 days, makes me think of another collective work of art.

  3. That fountain is very cool!

  4. Hope you are having a wonderful time with Aaron

  5. Your photographs are real pieces of art. The DITKA is a cheap insult to a great one

  6. I like art but some art is just crap just my thought

  7. Like all art, I hope, there is something for everyone! I have only been to Chicago once and didn’t see even a fraction of what I hope to see another time! I enjoyed all the photos. In particular, I think I’d like The Bean. Something about it calls to me. 🙂 I am sure you’re enjoying yourself, which is very special!

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