Day 1999: Presidential

What does “presidential” mean to you?

Here’s an online definition:

relating to a president or presidency.
“the French presidential election”
having a bearing or demeanor befitting a president; dignified and confident.
“America wants a president who looks presidential”

Do you believe that America wants a president who looks presidential?

This president-elect of a group psychotherapy organization needs a presidential photo.


Which of those looks the most presidential to you?

Are any of the following photos (taken by a soon-to-be-president) dignified. confident, or otherwise presidential?














This month’s big presidential question IS where do we go from here?

This president-elect is going from here to Chicago today, for a gathering of other group psychotherapy presidents. Here is Chicago asking “Where Do We Go from Here?”

Presidential thanks to all who helped me create this presidential post and — of course! — to YOU.


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35 thoughts on “Day 1999: Presidential

  1. They all do 🙂

  2. Yeah, Ann for President, hmmm, best photo, I’d go for the Trumpish one with your tongue pocking out and smirky smile, well, it worked for him.

  3. Eleanor

    My vote. Second row, picture on right. We need presidents who smile.
    And who are nice, intelligent, has empathy, know how to tell a good joke, etc., All the qualities you have. Enjoy Chicago!!

    • Thank you, my friend. And it takes one nice, intelligent, empathic, smiley, good joke-telling person to know another one. ❤

  4. I think the best photo of you is the second on the top row. My favorite photo by you is the stadium overview. Thanks for giving me my choice today, president-to-be!

  5. Ann Koplow. . . Making Group Psychotherapy Great Again!
    (sorry, couldn’t help myself).
    My vote is for the hand on the chin photo.

  6. Congratulations President Elect Ann. Now that has a nice ring to it ❤️

  7. I loved seeing your photos all together. I hope the anticipation emoticon is for you!

  8. I like the quizzical nature of the penultimate one. Congratulations Ma’am

  9. Because I’m indecisive about everything I think two of the photos make you look presidential: the one with your chin in hand makes you look like you’re prepared to listen, and the one with your head turned slightly makes you look surprised and humbled to be president. Humility and willingness to listen are qualities every president should have.
    Although because you are the president everything you do will now be presidential, a responsibility I’m sure you’ll handle well.

  10. I LOVE ALL OF THEM. They are fun and real and perfect. Have to say though, that smile you are wearing bottom right is pretty great! You look happy and VERY presidential! ​

  11. Luis del Castillo

    The last one were you are smiling!! on the other ones there is a shadow under your eyes that I don’t like

  12. millenialworm

    I like all the pictures but the one where the woman is holding her chin looks the most presidential.

  13. #1 or #2. I like a dignified, powerful look who CAN smile and encourage and enjoy. 🙂

  14. You look both capable and approachable, Ann, and I think the combination inspires trust! Enjoy your time in Chicago. I know you have a lot to add to the others in your assemblage! 🙂

  15. First all the photos of you are amazing, your smile comes from your eyes and that makes you face light up. When I think presidential I do not think Trump

  16. Congrats my Presidential friend! I like # 2. But just to shake things up maybe go for the one with you sticking your tongue out 😀

  17. All the photos are great but I like the one where you’re holding your chin the best.

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