Day 1998: Good

It’s good that I noticed that my first two photos from yesterday have good in them.



Do you see the good there, my good people?  Do you see the good in other people? Do you see more good than bad?

I guess I see more good than bad:   I’ve written 41 posts here with the word “Good” in the title (starting with Day 3: The Fear of Feeling Too Good) and I’ve written 14 posts with the word “Bad” in the title (starting with Day 263: Bad Day/Good Day, which has good in it, too).

Do you see the good in the other photos here?









A good friend texted me that good drawing, above, with this good caption: “Got your back.”

Last night, at a good board meeting, I sang a small portion of this very good song from Into the Woods,  in memory of our very good friend, Michelle.

The good lyrics I sang were these:

Sometimes people leave you

Halfway through the wood.

Do not let it grieve you

No one leaves for good.

You are not alone.  No one is alone.

It’s always good to end with thanks.  Thanks to all who help me create all my good posts, including this one, and to you — of course! — for being good enough to be here, now.



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14 thoughts on “Day 1998: Good

  1. That’s a good tooth pulling a prank, Ann.

  2. My senior year in college someone wrote a note in my yearbook that said, “You’re one of the good ones.” It’s stuck with me because knowing someone thought I was good made, and still makes, me want to be a good person even when I don’t think I am. And that’s something I try to pass on. I often find that when I tell someone they’re good they try to live up to that.

  3. You write such good posts. Every day. I don’t know how you do that. It’s a good skill.

  4. I think it’s good that an artist will call. Looking forward to it, lol!

  5. Blogging is good for us

  6. I like the post. And thats the tooth 🙂

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