Day 1997: Showing Up

Showing up today, I notice that I wrote another post titled “Showing  Up”  at the beginning of this year.

I also notice there are twice as many likes showing up for that post than for my posts that have been showing up here lately. Much to my surprise, self-doubt and judgment are not showing up about that.

Here’s why this topic is showing up again today:


Yesterday, in a therapy group, the people who showed up expressed appreciation and gratitude for others showing up.

Let’s see what other photos have been showing up on my iPhone.






















Beautiful sunsets keep showing up near where I live.

Because I have to keep showing up at Physical Therapy on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 AM, I only have time to thank you for showing up, here and now.

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25 thoughts on “Day 1997: Showing Up

  1. Thank you Ann, for showing up each day with your perspective and iphone

  2. always a pleasure to stop by, ann. you just never know what you’ll see here – love the art

  3. Great photos as always. I like it when your posts show up 🙂

  4. Every picture tells a story, don’t it, Ann?

  5. Great mural, funny dogs, a tasting dish by Michael and beuatiful sunsets …. I’m glad I showed up today Ann 💕

  6. Your first sunrise photo is amazing, so I’ll send this piece, I had fun showing up on deck every morning at 6.30am, to take these pictures.

  7. I’m glad you showed up and that artist Jason Boucher showed up to paint such an amazing mural.
    Once when I was watching a painter at work I asked if he minded being watched. “If I did,” he said, “I wouldn’t be painting out here.”
    Even though that was implied by where he chose to paint it occurs to me now that he still deserved the courtesy of being asked.

  8. Ann, Your baseball park says a lot about you topic for the day. Often the fans show up at the ball park with the hope that the team will as well.

  9. I love the total joy on that pup’s face! Wonderful.

  10. Showing up I get
    Showing out I don’t get, just saying
    Showing off I get
    Showing on not a thing
    Showing love I get
    Showing hate not a good thing

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