Day 1996: When I make a mistake …

When I make a mistake ….

  • I feel bad.
  • I admit it.
  • I dwell on it.
  • I try to forgive myself.
  • I can experience guilt and shame.
  • I might wake up in the middle of the night.
  • I worry about lasting effects.
  • I sometimes call myself “stupid.”
  • I make reparations as best I can.
  • I learn something.
  • I move on to other things (including new mistakes).

What happens when you make a mistake?

Make no mistake, we all make mistakes.

When I take photos, I usually share them, mistakes and all.











When someone makes me a delicious meals, it would be a mistake not to eat it.

When I search YouTube for “When I make a mistake” I find this


… and this.

It would be a mistake not to express thanks to all who helped me make this post and — of course! — to YOU.


Ooops!  I made a mistake taking that photo, so here’s a better “thank you.”


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12 thoughts on “Day 1996: When I make a mistake …

  1. I come from the ink-stained generation where our mistakes were delivered to the doorsteps of our community at 6 a.m. and noted with a correction the very next morning, Ann. That shapes the way you look at your mistakes, for sure.

  2. How I respond when I make a mistake depends on the nature of the mistake. I keep this flowchart handy to guide me through the process.

  3. I’ve spent a lifetime accepting that it’s OK to make mistakes, own it, and put it right if possible – without self-blame. I’m nearly there

  4. We all make mistakes, many of us call ourselves names after we do because we feel like an idiot

  5. When I make a mistake, I do all the things on your list. We must work from the same Manual of Making Mistakes. I would like to find the Manual of Not Making Mistakes; I can’t seem to find my copy. If you find yours, would you please share it?

  6. PS. I read that as “involuntary egg roll.” 🙂

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