Day 1990: Colorful

As colorful as this daily blog may have been since January  2013, I’ve never written a blog post titled “colorful” before this colorful day.  Ready for a colorful definition?

1. having much or varied color; bright.
“a colorful array of fruit”
synonyms: brightly colored, vivid, vibrant, brilliant, radiant, rich;
2. full of interest; lively and exciting.
“a controversial and colorful character”
synonyms: vivid, graphic, lively, animated, dramatic, fascinating, interesting, stimulating, scintillating, evocative
“a colorful account”

Now I have to make sure this post has much or varied color, is bright, brightly colored, vivid, vibrant, brilliant, radiant, rich, full of interest, lively and exciting, graphic, animated, dramatic, fascinating, interesting, stimulating, scintillating, and evocative. That seems like a tall order, especially since I have to leave soon for physical therapy with my colorful physical therapist, Matthew.

Perhaps my colorful photos from yesterday will help.

I couldn’t capture how colorful those fireworks were last night with my iPhone. Yeah, I live in such a colorful place that sometimes we are surprised by colorful fireworks for no apparent or documented reason. 

Sometimes I wish I didn’t live in such colorful times, but  I still have gratitude for all the colors around me.


Orange is my son’s favorite color and it’s also the official color of the group psychotherapy organization I’m becoming president of on July 1.   What a colorful life I lead!

I almost forgot to include a colorful song.

If you receive a colorful message saying that video is unavailable, try clicking on the “colorful song” link, above.

I look forward to your colorful comments and hope you have a colorful day.

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18 thoughts on “Day 1990: Colorful

  1. always ready for colorful and you’ve captured it so well –

  2. Oh, what a beautiful place you and Michael live in, Ann.

  3. My favorite is your live rainbow photo, Ann. Your post is s good one on this rainy gray day.

  4. Wow – fireworks from your deck!! Now that makes a colorful evening 💛

  5. Your photos are especially colourful today. Living on the water is my kind of place.

  6. Nature’s variety of colors is extraordinary, especially in the mantis shrimp, a creature which, according to reliable sources, is the ancestor of modern clowns.

    • I woke up trying to think of an appropriately colorful reply to this comment, Chris. In the moment, I’ll just say that your variety of knowledge is extraordinary.

  7. Colour is good, a colourful life can be good, my life is colourless, just so you know

  8. I’m very fond of the color orange, and it’s not that often I find others who share my enthusiasm. So many people seem to find it harsh, and I just find it cheerful! I love your very colorful photos and especially those fireworks over the water. What a fun “for no apparent reason” surprise! 🙂 I also agree with you about living in “colorful times.” What a nice way to put it, Ann! LOL!

  9. The pig’s bubble gum must have gone straight through it

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