Day 1989: Joy

Yesterday, I noticed that somebody had chosen joy from the emotions chart on my door at work.


That gave me joy then and gives me joy now.

What gives you joy?

Can you find joy in any of my other photos from yesterday?










There’s lots of joy on YouTube from for King & Country ,

from the movie Immortal Beloved,

from VaShawn Mitchell,

from the Georgia Mass Choir,

 from the Muppets,

and from Leven Kali.

I will take joy in your comments, no matter what they contain.

There’s joy in gratitude, every day.



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19 thoughts on “Day 1989: Joy

  1. I take joy in stopping in for a visit, and finding acceptance and joy here.

  2. All we are saying, is give peace a chance. That sign drawn in chalk on the sidewalk gives me joy, Ann.

  3. What joy, Harley!

  4. I love these joy vignettes! This week, friends’ generosity has brought me joy. And the sweet black Lab girl sleeping on her bed next to me:).

  5. Joy hooked me the moment I laid eyes on Kitty sitting there waiting for me to flop down on that lovely sofa in front of a fire laid just for me! 🙂 The Muppets were a hoot and a holler. Always good for my soul. 🙂 As for today, Joy is a walk this afternoon with a wonderful female friend in a beautiful garden. And finally, Joy is the name of my wise now retired psychotherapist of many years. Without her I’d probably have self-destructed like the Muppet Chorale, only worse. The permutations are endless.

  6. It may seem like mere semantics but I always think of joy and happiness as two different things, although they often come together. Joy comes as a surprise and is fleeting while sometimes we can choose to be happy, and happiness lasts. That’s not to say that one is better than the other. When I first watched that video of Beaker singing “Ode To Joy” my first response was joy that someone made such a thing, and that passed into happiness that it was so wonderfully performed.

  7. Joy is in connection 💕

  8. I find joy in the faces of my grandchildren

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