Day 1985: What do you do with an unpleasant person?

What do you do with an unpleasant person?

You could hide,

read a book,

take charge, wear distracting socks,

keep your distance,

take a pause,

drive away, drink tea,

appreciate yourself, honor your soul, give yourself a compliment,

be open to other people’s compliments, be the hero of your own story,

and/or write a song.

Today, I’ll be spending the day with many pleasant people for the first day of a three-day group psychotherapy conference in my pleasant birthplace of Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

I look forward to reading your pleasant comments.

Many thanks to all the pleasant cats and people who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.

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27 thoughts on “Day 1985: What do you do with an unpleasant person?

  1. Steer clear

  2. enjoy! i’m probably best at the distracting socks approach )

  3. OMG Ann you rock!!! Thanks for the big smile this morning

  4. Fun song. Reminds me of Phoebe Kreutz, a folk singer from NYC.

  5. I would still date them all!

  6. THAT is my favoritest new song!!!!!

  7. I try to avoid the type of people you mention, Ann. If not, just cope.

  8. Try to embrace what I can learn from that unpleasant person.

  9. Smiling …. I love your compliment question. Just shared with Don and he said “I’m a damn good looking specimen of a man” we are both still laughing 😆

  10. For some reason this put the song, “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?” in my head. Whenever anyone tells me they have a song stuck in their head I tell them I have a way to fix that and when they ask what it is I sing “OH MICKEY YOU’RE SO FINE YOU’RE SO FINE YOU BLOW MY MIND HEY MICKEY!”
    I worry sometimes that my sense of humor makes me an unpleasant person, but my friends know that even if I am unpleasant it will pass. They know that none of us is one thing all the time and that somewhere in my wicked past or childhood I must have done something good.

  11. wonder what happened to them in their childhood….and what it would take to connect with them. Then I walk away. I loved your song! Actually, it’s very pleasant in a sweetly unpleasant way. 🙂

    • I’ve been wondering those things and walking away for years, Elouise. Finally, I redirected my energy by writing that song. So unpleasant people can inspire creativity! I’m grateful for that and also for another one of your wonderful comments. ❤

  12. You have such a great range when writing about things.

  13. I just read about Kurt Vonnegut ‘s terms of “Karass”—a group connected through a discovered spirituality (your tribe). And graffoons—a group with similarities, yet little connection (some families workmates, etc. . )

    For me the solution to unpleasant people is to try to spend more time with the karasses than the graffoons.

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