Day 1983: My mind’s a blank

“My mind’s a blank” is a line from the second original song I recently wrote, “Catastrophizing.”

My mind’s a blank when I try to find things to say about these photos I took yesterday:








My mind’s a blank when I try to describe how Michael transforms a blank plate into a lovely feast.

My mind’s a blank when I hear some people’s ideas about how to keep a school safe.  Guns?  Metal Detectors?  Panic buttons?  Cameras? Cupcakes?


My mind’s a blank when I

  • eat too much sugar,
  • catastrophize,
  • am really impressed,
  • get very nervous,
  • am in pain,
  • have to deliver a speech,
  • consider current American politics,
  • try to meditate,
  • look at a hostile or disapproving face,
  • need to fill out a form,
  • feel overcome by emotions,
  • wonder what I’m going to blog about in the future,
  • wonder about the future in general,
  • don’t get enough sleep,
  • am about to perform in front of people,
  • can’t find the right words,
  • encounter cruelty or stupidity, and
  • think about people I love who are dying.

When is your mind a blank?

“My Mind’s a Blank” by Wiretaps gets blank reactions on YouTube.

Is your mind a blank here and now?  If so, will you leave a blank comment?

Even when a card is blank inside ….


… it can still say “Thank You.”


Thanks to all who help me create these posts even when my mind’s a blank and — of course! — to you, for temporarily blanking out everything else to read this blog.

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22 thoughts on “Day 1983: My mind’s a blank

  1. My mind’s a blank when I…
    * look at sheet of blank white paper
    * have to do a writing prompt
    * get between my white bed-sheets tonight
    * have to write an answer to an “Award” I’ve been given by another blogger
    * wake up to a white frosty morning
    * write and blog all night
    * listen to my music, especially “A Whiter Shade Of Pale”
    * eat white chocolate

  2. Isn’t it quite something, Ann, that the reaction to too much stimuli can be to have your mind come up with too little?

  3. My mind’s a blank when I don’t see Harley…

  4. Roald Dahl’s The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar begins with the title character, who’s a conniving, obscenely wealthy man, reading about someone in India who develops extraordinary psychic powers. When Henry sits down and makes his mind a blank he discovers he has a talent for the same powers, and this leads to him being transformed into an incredibly generous person, helping children all over the world.
    Among other things I take that as a lesson about what we can become when we open our minds.
    Also I’m now officially a fan of the Wiretaps.

  5. My mind’s a blank often now. Can’t remember people’s names, can’t remember what I was going to say, can’t remember what I was going to do next. Kind of scary.

  6. My mind is often blank when it is this cold of a morning sometimes it feels like my brain is still asleep and the rest of my body is up and doing stuff

  7. My mind’s a blank wondering what school safe cupcakes are…

  8. My mind’s a blank, except for what I just wrote. 🙂

  9. Dammit. WP won’t let me send a blank comment

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