Day 1976: The best things in life

If you stop for a moment, take a breath, and look around, you may find the best things in life.


For me, the best things in life include

  • being with others,


  • time to myself,


  • beauty,
  • being of service,


  • tea,


  • peace,
  • tranquility,
  • harmony,
  • safe places,


  • light,
  • gatherings,
  • diverse thinkers,
  • connections,
  • partners,
  • health,
  • hope,
  • healing,
  • feeling inspired,IMG_0213
  • being involved,
  • nutritious food,


  • being outside,
  • the ocean,
  • sunsets,


  • companionship, and dancing.

Last night, I danced with my partner to “Down on the Riverbed” by Los Lobos.  It was one of the best things in my life.

What are the best things in life for you?

My best things in life have to include gratitude for all who support others, including YOU.



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26 thoughts on “Day 1976: The best things in life

  1. You have a great view of life, Ann.

  2. This is one of the best posts Ann. Feeling the groove right along with you and Michael 💕

  3. All of the above, especially when they include family and friends.

  4. For a moment I thought your supper was floating on the sea. Your table looks like water, a personal reflecting pool.

  5. Good list; great sunsets

  6. lovely list and photos
    my family, sunsets and sunrises

  7. I also find that being with others and time alone are among the best things in life. Having space for a wide variety of things is one of the best things in life.

  8. There are really a great many things that we can enjoy in our lives. Thanks for pointing this out.

  9. These are some of the best things in life that is for sure, if we try to see the best in things life is better just saying

  10. What a wonderful list! I think I would agree with all that you’ve included and I would add my grandchildren. They add so much to my life, that I can’t help but think of them as top of my “best” list. 🙂

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