Day 1971: The If in Life

Today’s title — “The If in Life” — comes from the unexpected appearance of this yellow stickie at work yesterday:


If I could, I would ask the person who wrote that why they did and what it means to them.

If I ask you what you think that means, would you answer?

If I take photos in life, I share them here.











If you were to choose a video for this post, what would it be?


If you watch that video about Rashad Jennings‘s book, you’ll hear how he got off the sidelines of his life, stopped blaming people, stopped making excuses, and started taking ownership and responsibility.

If you were to write a book about your life, what would the title be?

If I can find an appropriate photo, I’ll end this post with gratitude.



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22 thoughts on “Day 1971: The If in Life

  1. Grateful for My Life- is my title.
    Dedicated to all those people in my life who have given me so much.
    Acknowledgement to A.K. -Who inspired me to think of all of these things so early in the morning

  2. If I wrote a book about my life, Ann, I would title it “Flippin’ Internet. Of course, if it were to be published, I would want it to be available hardcover and digitally.

  3. If you asked me earlier about the “if” in “life” I might have thought of Roger Whittaker’s “I Don’t Believe In If Anymore” or Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If”, but I’m glad to add the ideas of Rashad Jennings on the “if” in “life”. If I were to stop adding new ideas and perspectives to what I know life would no longer be worth living.

  4. Love that second photo of you, Ann! Despite my ifs, I can count on your blog to uplift me. Thank you!

  5. good to see your smiling face, Ann! Love the water shots!

  6. I love the photos of you with the water at your back.
    I don’t know the title of a book about my life, but I think “The Years of Reading Non-Judgmentally” would do!

  7. To Harley:

  8. I always try and make time for your blog even if i’m busy 🙂

  9. There you are Ann! Thanks for sharing your beautiful face and sunset 😎
    I wonder about the lie in life …..

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