Day 1970: Unexpected Appearances

Yesterday, on my way to work, I encountered my first unexpected appearances.

I didn’t expect the appearance of geese on the sidewalk. Did you?

There were more unexpected appearances throughout my day.

The appearance of that duck in front of a local bakery was unexpected. Maybe that duck expects the appearance of bread crumbs.

Expect the unexpected and the appearance of two more photos today. Here’s the first of those now expected photos:

That cat made an unexpected appearance last night at a party where my old friend Lawry and his family made wonderful appearances. (I expect I’ll add links to Lawry’s appearances in previous posts after I publish this one.) (Like this one and this one.)

In two days, my son will be making an expected appearance back in Boston. I expect to appear very happy about that.

This video made an unexpected appearance when I searched YouTube for “unexpected appearances.”

I expect the appearances of unexpected comments about today’s post, below.

Finally, here’s the expected appearance of gratitude at the end of this blog post.

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16 thoughts on “Day 1970: Unexpected Appearances

  1. You can’t duck the goose, Ann.

  2. The Fratellis were the crime family in The Goonies so I’m almost as surprised by the fact that they’ve opened a pastry shop as I was by this:

  3. I felt happy noticing that all of your unexpected appearances seem to be very pleasant. I hope that continues. I think that the geese and ducks and fence-walking cat are announcing the arrival of summer.

    I’m delighted to know that Aaron is coming home and only a couple of days.

  4. Unexpectedly, I have no comment today.

  5. An unexpected appearance of Harley in my dream….

  6. Unexpectedly we had clear blue sky today, and on my evening stroll I unexpectedly caught a few lovely pictures of the sunset!Asumt4cZ9A65g-lxBz0BvkCPAiPt-w

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  8. I love all these animal appearances!!

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