Day 1969: Disoriented

I get disoriented at times.  Sometimes, I get so disoriented by people and places that I lose my way or I lose track of things.

Do you ever get disoriented?

Yesterday morning, I got disoriented while driving to work.  Then I got oriented by this:


This absolutely reoriented me to where I was.  Can you tell where I was? What oriented you?

While I was at work, I got disoriented again by

  • several meetings right after lunch and
  • realizing, at the end of the day, that my purse was missing.

I tried to track my purse down by retracing my disoriented steps. I was then further disoriented when I heard that I needed to wait until 6 AM this morning to find out whether somebody had turned my purse in.

When I show up at 6 AM, if my purse is not there, I will be even more disoriented. However, I will need to orient myself to get to Physical Therapy for my disoriented shoulder.

Here and now, this helps me be less disoriented:

Who steals my purse steals trash. ‘Tis something, nothing: ‘Twas mine, ’tis his, and has been slave to thousands. A good reputation is the most valuable thing we have—men and women alike.

Will you be disoriented if I ask who wrote that?

Which of these photos seems the most disoriented?





Here‘s “Disoriented” by CloZee.

I’m never too disoriented to thank all who help me create these daily blog posts and — of course! — you.



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25 thoughts on “Day 1969: Disoriented

  1. Bahston perhaps? 🙂 (I hope you are completely reoriented, and your lost belongings await you!)

  2. This morning I went out without wearing my glasses, I’m not suppose to drive without them, I was very disoriented, and when I got to my appointment, I’d forgotten my referral papers and I’d left my wallet at home as well, I then become totally disorientated, and my day was a complete waste……. I’m back home now, re-orientating myself….

    • My re-orientations include realizing that no day is a complete waste, Ivor. Thanks for orienting yourself here.

  3. I more and more need to reorient myself, Ann. Feel your pain. I hope the purse turns up.

  4. I reorient once I see Harley.

  5. Hope you find your purse. Can’t tell how many times I’ve misplaced my purse, my keys, my library books, my cell phone, etc., etc.. We all do it. Good luck!

  6. I felt a bit disoriented when I realized I didn’t know the etymology of “orient” and how, if at all, it relates to the term “Orient”. So of course I checked the handy OED and found that it comes from the Latin oriens which means “east” and also “the part of the sky in which the sun rises”, and also “daybreak” and “dawn” and is derived from a Sanskrit word that means “to rise”.
    Whatever happens after tomorrow’s dawn I know you will rise.

  7. Perhaps sometimes, things lose track of me. But then, how would i know if they did.
    Would I care if I did know. Would things care if I didin’t know. Would I care if they did or did not care.
    Sometimes one just has to take a breath and be calm and glad to be alive.
    Have a nice day. 🙂

  8. Oh no.. I often misplace things. I hope you found your purse..losing that is VERY disorienting!

  9. Every day, Ann. Every day!

  10. The older I get the more disoriented I get but at least I am not off with the pixies

  11. Hey, Ann! I am a day late arriving at this post (yesterday’s) and that means that I read today’s post first. Is the purse that made an unexpected appearance today’s post, the missing purse you wrote about yesterday? Did you get your purse back? Or was that a new purse that you had to buy to replace it!

    Yes, I do get disoriented fairly often these days. Especially while reading manuscripts or political rants. But I find your blog very orienting. Thank you.

    • That is the missing purse, which I disorientedly left in the hospital cafeteria and which a disoriented worker locked up instead of turning it in to security as they were supposed to. I find your comments very orienting, Maureen. Thank YOU.

      • I’m so glad that you found your purse. I notice that you are persistent in looking for things that you have misplaced and, over the years, largely successful in finding them.

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