Day 1968: Give love, get love.

Time to give away where I get today’s topic.


Let’s give this a try: replace the word “love” with other words.  Get it?

Give hate, get hate.

Give indifference, get indifference.

Give anger, get anger.

Give generosity, get generosity.

Give the benefit of the doubt, get the benefit of the doubt.

Give a little bit, get a little bit.

Give a lot, get a lot.

Give pain, get pain.

Give healing, get healing.

Give advice, get advice.

Give room, get room.

Give beauty, get beauty.

Give ugliness, get ugliness.

Give honesty,  get honesty.

Give lies, get lies.

Give violence, get violence.

Give hope, get hope.

Give suspicion, get suspicion.

Give up, get up.

Give a damn, get a damn.

Give resentment, get resentment.

Give forgiveness, get forgiveness.

Give heart, get heart.

Give an opinion, get an opinion.

Give wisdom, get wisdom.

Give passion, get passion.

Give doubt, get doubt.

Give thoughts, get thoughts.

Give feelings, get feelings.

Give respect, get respect.

Give notice, get notice.

Give meaning,  get meaning.

Give a piece of your mind, get a piece of your mind.

Give peace of mind, get peace of mind.

Give photos, get photos.


Give nourishment, get nourishment.


Give a caption, get a caption.

“Give a Little Bit”, get a little bit on YouTube.

Give a comment below, get a comment below.

Give thanks, get thanks!


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17 thoughts on “Day 1968: Give love, get love.

  1. It’s in the (tea)bag, Ann.

  2. Give of yourself freely, yourself returns freely.

  3. “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
    ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet (Harley)

    • Give Shakespeare, get Shakespeare.

      “I can no other answer make but thanks/and thanks, and ever thanks.”
      — Twelfth Night

  4. Love this Ann! ♥

  5. I wanted to give you a comment that was wise and witty, or at least intelligent, that would make you think, or at least laugh, that would in some small way give back some of the joy that your blog gives so many of us every day, or at least give you a smile, but I’m completely stumped. And for that I humbly ask forgiveness.

  6. I am all for giving love and getting love because love is good and makes us feel good and happy

  7. Having WordPress woes, unable to like and making many attempts to leave comments befor eve g successful. Boo. Great blog, Ann!

  8. Before being successful! 🙄 Fat fingers are another problems!

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