Day 1967: F-bombs

Friends! When you Feel Frustrated, do you Find yourselF dropping a Fair number of F-bombs? IF so, don’t Fret. Folks who swear are F-ing smart! You can Find that by searching For “cursing studies” on the F-ing web, including this Fine example with the First sentence: “People who curse are smart as f–k!”  That same f-ing article reports Findings that “kind people are more likely to belt out tunes in the shower.”

F–k!  I’m Finding out, First thing this morning, that I’m kind AND smart.

Yesterday, a kind Friend gave me an F-bomb.


My Friend JenniFer gave me that F-bomb at a Fund raiser For the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy Foundation, which promised and delivered on Fun, Food, and Friendship.

Before the Fantastic Fund raiser, I took all these F-ing Fotos:















In those Fotos (which took their F-ing time to load!), I Find Flocks, Flowers, Fighting, Friends, Flora, Fauna, Foliage, Flags, and a lot of F-ing Fabulousness.

I don’t want to be F-ing late for my First day back at work after a Fun-Filled vacation, so here’s the First thing that comes up for F-bombs on F-ing YouTube:

Feel Free to drop some F-bombs below.

F-ing thanks to all who f-ing helped me create today’s f-ing post, including YOU!

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20 thoughts on “Day 1967: F-bombs

  1. For me, Ann, it’s not a matter of iF, it’s a matter oF of when I’ll light the Fuse of my next F-bomb. It just F-ing slips out, you know?

  2. Sometimes it’s all you can say. Some time ago I heard about researchers who had volunteers stick their feet in buckets of ice water. Volunteers who were allowed to swear were able to keep their feet in the ice water longer than volunteers who weren’t allowed to swear.
    After I heard about that I volunteered for a study that required me to stick my feet in a bucket of ice water for two minutes. I mentioned the study I’d heard about and the researchers said, “If it helps feel free to swear all you like.”

  3. Ok. So Christopher’s comment is F’ing awesome!

    I don’t swear. (at least not out loud!) Vestiges of a childhood where swearing cost me ten cents — my father believed that swearing was a lazy person’s English, and we were not allowed to indulge in such transgressions of language! 🙂

    I do sing in the shower though! And I do like to use exclamation marks! It’s kind of like swearing without the Oomph! 🙂

  4. I hate to admit that I love throwing the F bomb around for emphasis. ha…but I have to behave around my grandkids. I think being able to say that “naughty” word is empowering!

  5. Did you ever hear such Fbomb from me?

  6. If I drop an F bomb everyone knows I am really pissed because I do not swear

  7. I am as f—–g smart as they come!!!!!! 🙂

  8. I only drop f-bombs when I am angry. And I am trying not to do that out loud. But your post made me laugh out loud. Thanks for all those F-ing fotos, also!!!

  9. I’m really trying to drop that word from my vocab. I was using it waaaaaay too much in situations where it wasn’t even necessary. It’s so hard to find a substitute, though. I will say that attempting to scratch through my brain for an equally expressive word has probably created a few new snyapses and driven me to add some new words. But, still, I loved this post and the permission to cut loose. Thanks.

  10. One could always ” Go forth and multiply” off 🙂

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