Day 1960: I AM

I AM in New York City while I AM writing today’s blog.

I AM a fan of the Off Broadway one-man performance In & Of Itself by magician Derek DelGaudio, which has the subtitle “Identity is an illusion.”

I AM telling you that I, like every other audience member, needed to choose an identity before last night’s performance of In & Of Itself.


I AM happy that I chose that identity, but I AM more than just a blogger. I AM also a mother.




I AM a photographer.










I AM also a Social Worker, among many other things.

I AM curious about what you would say you are.

I AM sharing this interview of Derek DelGaudio by Stephen Colbert, which inspired me to see In & Of Itself last night.


I AM grateful to all who help me be a blogger every day, including you, no matter who or what you are.


… and I AM adding this, here and now.


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34 thoughts on “Day 1960: I AM

  1. New York City? Welcome and enjoy!

  2. You am, definitely, wonderful, intriguing, interesting and more!

  3. And I am happy to be one of your readers

  4. When I work it out I’ll let you know

  5. I Am happy to be a follower of your blog site Ann. 😊

  6. I am a communicator, Ann.

  7. You ARE you. Glad you were able to speak with Aaron yesterday from NYC 💕

  8. I am a fan of Ann! ❤

    And New York City! 🙂

  9. I am too many things to list here but now I am all those things plus retired.

  10. I’m a fan of many things including your blog and Derek DelGaudio, and also a fan of any opportunity to share this moment the Doctor met Charles Dickens.

  11. You ARE..I AM…we ARE All…and you are fun. Thanks for the Monday Morning Smile.

  12. I am glad you got to see this show! You are also in my experience, a Mensch, a Teacher, a Listener and so much more xoxo

  13. I am me, like me or leave me it is up to you, I am not changing to make others happy or to like me

  14. I am loving that photo of you and Aaron!

  15. I am a survivor of many vicissitudes and darn glad of it!

  16. Lovely, Ann. Fun to hear of all the things you are. And I’m also happy to hear of your time in NYC.I’ve been many things through the years, andI would definitely share along with you–“theater go-er.” Whenever possible!

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