Day 1959: Random Crap

Yesterday, when I was thinking and doing random crap in NYC with my excellent friend Jeanette, I said to her, “‘Random Crap’ is the title of tomorrow’s blog.”

That was not totally random crap on my part, because Jeanette and I had both noticed this Random Crap bag in the window of a random NYC store.


Here are some random thoughts about “Random Crap”:

  • Through our lives, we accumulate a lot of random crap.
  • Many of our thoughts are random crap.
  • We worry about a lot of random crap.
  • This blog could conceivably be renamed “The Year(s) of Random Crap.”
  • Some of the random crap in this blog is not as random as it might initially seem. For example, I deliberately took my first two photos yesterday for non-random reasons.


Those are two worry dolls I found as I was cleaning out some random crap from my bag before I left for NYC. I photographed them because (1) I want to stop worrying and (2) they look like me and Jeanette.


I took this photo in the parking lot of the Amtrak station near Boston because today is Mother’s Day and my  late mother was THE cleaning authority. There were a lot of random jokes about my mother’s neatness including this one of my late father’s: “I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and when I came back your mother had made the bed.”

I  think  my blog can seem like random crap especially when I randomly avoid photographing the famous landmarks that most people do. Can you find the one thing many people photograph when they’re in New York among all the random crap below?

















If you know your shit and spotted the famous NYC landmark in all the random crap above, please consider leaving a random comment, below.

This may seem like more random crap, but one of the random stores Jeanette and I walked into yesterday was displaying these earrings


AND the exact same socks I had decided to wear that morning.



When I randomly told Jeanette that I love those socks and that I also own socks that say “THIS MEETING IS BULLSHIT,” Jeanette revealed what socks she was wearing.


So maybe all this crap we encounter in life is not so random after all.

Among all the random crap on YouTube, I found this “Random Crap” song:


There’s no randomness about my commitment to end each blog post with thanks to all  who help me create the random crap I share every day and — of course! — to all  who read it, like YOU.



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29 thoughts on “Day 1959: Random Crap

  1. Never rename your blog! Thank you by Alanis Morissette is great.

  2. Definitely random. Not so crappy. Thanks for this post Ann! Hope you, your socks and Jeannette are having more random fun!

  3. I can’t stop chuckling at ‘random crap bag’. 🙂

  4. We often see dog walkers swinging little black bags from one hand

  5. Happy Mother’s Day Ann. I have numerous bags used for ‘random crap’ but none that is so aptly named.

  6. I love the “earth without art” poster, Ann. Happy Mother’s Day! ♡
    Diana xo

  7. Yes, I spotted Lady Liberty, looking statuesque for you and all the city, Ann. I think you also have a shot of the famous Penn Station?

  8. I have fond memories of those worry dolls. Or ones much like them. I have fond memories of many old denizens of your blog world. Happy Mother’s Day!

  9. Reblogged this on KCJones.

  10. Life and me are full of random crap, but that’s ok

  11. I had a nice random laugh at your father’s comment.

  12. One of the nicest compliments I’ve ever gotten was “You’re so random.” It’s a wonderful way to be. A lot of random crap comes at us which is why I believe that when life gives us lemons we should make orange juice.

  13. Lady Liberty, to answer your question about the one thing people photograph when they’re in NYC.

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