Day 1958: What’s your favorite season?

What’s your favorite season?

My favorite season is spring.  That’s why I’m taking this next week off from work, so I can enjoy the flowering trees, the glorious colors, and the warmth of my favorite season.  This morning, I’m leaving on a fast train for New York City to enjoy two days of my favorite season with one of my favorite people, Jeanette.

What’s your favorite picture of these, which I took during my favorite season?


















Here are Alex Horne and the Horne Section asking and answering “What’s Your Favourite Season?”

My favorite way to end a blog post — no matter what the season —  is with thanks.  Thanks to all who helped me create today’s seasonal post and — of course! — to YOU.


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20 thoughts on “Day 1958: What’s your favorite season?

  1. Spring, for me, just about pips autumn. My favourite picture is the third – the crowd and reflections.

  2. Baseball? Golf? So many from which to choose, Ann. Spring is definitely in the running.

  3. I like so many of them! But I think the one with the baseball player and the kids, the duck and the yellow flower, and the chairs and child on the tree.

  4. I love the unhurried reflections of autumn, the ease of falling into the promise of renewal come spring… 🙂

    I also like your photo, Start HEre, the duck and flower… well pretty much all of them! Those art installations are ‘ultra cool’! 🙂

    Enjoy your time in New York!

  5. Fall is my favorite – I like the short days and the cooling temps. And the colors.

  6. Spring is so full of possibilities … and getting outside to play! Love those sculptures Ann. Where are they?…
    Have fun with Jeannette in NYC 💕

    • The sculptures are at a yearly outdoor installation near where I work, Val. I’m having fun with Jeanette in NYC as I read your fun comment!

  7. Arthur C. Clarke said his reason for moving to Sri Lanka was “Forty English winters”, but in a place with perpetual summer he missed the change of seasons. My favorite time is when the seasons change from one to another.

  8. Love the chairs!!! and summer is my favorite season!!! I love the heat and humidity!

  9. I love the chair sculpture! That’s unique and very, very cool! I love spring but perhaps my favorite is still summer, which is entirely a psychological shift, I think, as the heat is pretty unrelenting. I’ve never gotten past the childhood idea that summer is a holiday! I mentally downshift for the entire season. I also love the period when each season shifts from one to the next. After summer, when the light begins to change for fall I get excited. How wonderful to have a holiday in NYC. I know that’s very special. 🙂

  10. lifeinkarolingston

    I definitely love spring because everything blossoms around us, people take care about their gardens, we spend more time outside, enjoying first sun etc. However, there is something mystical and unique about autumn, when the leaves changing colour and they start to drop on the ground. It’s getting dark outside earlier and the fog covers everything! 😊

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