Day 1956: This Way and That Way

These days, some people tell you it’s right to think and act this way


while other people  tell you it’s right to think and act that way.


In our way, there are so many ways that divide us.

My way is to celebrate life’s moments,


invite hope,


express myself,


work on stress,



promote self-forgiveness,


be smart,


help people reach their potential,


appreciate the arts,


accept the child and the adult,


walk past the news,


stay away from death,


deal with people leaving,


focus on our chances,


let go of worry about the future,


eat healthy meals,


look this way and that way on YouTube,

and express my gratitude, every day.


I’m thankful, here and now, that I can ask this community:  What’s your way?

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18 thoughts on “Day 1956: This Way and That Way

  1. So much wisdom in all directions. Thank you Ann 💕

  2. You said it all, Ann. I’ll sum up: better rather than worse.

  3. I don’t always seem to know the way. Often, everyone seems a bit right and a bit wrong. I think life can be easier if you know the way, for sure, always. Even if you are only a step off the beaten path, you are often walking through trees. I find myself standing still, listening. I am not sure how to be sure. But when I am finally sure, I am sure. For a while.

    If I were a cat, I would often walk the fence.

  4. Your ways seem pretty good, Ann

  5. If I walked that way I wouldn’t need the talcum powder is something I say every chance I get because that’s the way I am.

  6. When a crowd is rushing in one direction and one lone person is walking in the other, that lone person seems insane. Until the crowd rushes off the edge of a cliff. I am that lone person.

  7. I like “stay away from death.” I’m strongly in favor of that direction! Letting go of worry about the future falls into that category, and all I can say is I’m trying not to be alarmed. It takes a lot of effort. My “alarm bell” goes off a lot. 🙂

  8. I’ve walked this way and that way, I think I need to shown the way.

  9. It made me think of the song One Way or Another 🙂 I like that you celebrate life’s moments 🙂

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