Day 1955: For Safety

As a psychotherapist, I’m concerned about people’s safety.

I work at a Boston hospital, where others also look out for your safety.


For our safety, I wish world leaders would use the negotiating table.

For my safety, I observe what’s going on around me, like this:









For our safety and sanity, we’re using our seaside table.

Here’s an old advertisement for safety  I safely remember.

What do you do for safety?

Appreciation and gratitude increase my sense of safety,  so thanks to all who helped me create today’s post for safety  and — of course! — thanks to you.



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21 thoughts on “Day 1955: For Safety

  1. a seat at a seaside table is the utmost in self -safety. love it

  2. I’m sitting safely at home, listening to the rain pattering on my roof, and feeling secure reading your post, and I’m comfortable here, now writing a poem called “Remembrance Colours”, under the safety of her “Moon Shadows and Celestial Lights.

  3. what a wonderful view while having what looks like a wonderful meal Ann! For safety I try to stay out of trouble!!

  4. When I’m getting ready to travel, well meaning friends say, “safe journey” or “be safe” and I’m always reminded how most of my ensured safety lies in the hands of others. An unpredictable, out of my control universe. I feel no reassurance when they demo those lifejackets held in a plastic bag under my seat. The flashing light will start when it hits the water.

  5. How lovely to feel safe and loved while eating outside❣️

  6. I look at where you and Michael get to eat, and I can safely say I am so happy for you!

  7. Jacques Cousteau tested the first scuba gear in occupied France. He had to take a lot of precautions both above and below, including keeping his tests secret, but on his first dive he found a trove of lobsters. Because food was being rationed in the area this was a great find, and he, his wife, and a friend who helped developed the gear had a a celebratory lobster lunch by the seaside.
    Thinking about that and your own seaside dining makes me consider how sometimes safety can be found in taking risks.

    • I can safely state that it’s always wonderful to dive into your comments, Chris, and discover the treasures within.

  8. I wish people would use their brain for their own safety, think before doing stuff like texting and driving because that is not safe

  9. Michael’s meal alfresco – safe enough, I’d say

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