Day 1951: Vivian

Vivian is a social work intern who makes me smile, especially when she shows me photos like this:


Yesterday, Vivian and I  made each other cry because it was her last day at work.  Soon, as a new graduate,  she’ll be off on her own road trip to Chicago.

In the final Friday therapy group she facilitated with me, we discussed goodbyes and helpful phrases like “The pain of a loss is a direct reflection of the importance of the connection” and “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

Vivian, who is a very gifted student, shared many gifts yesterday.








In honor of the many  things Vivian and I shared this year,  here‘s Jackie Chan singing “Believe in Yourself.”

I hope Vivian believes in herself,  as many of us in her community believe in her.

Vivian let me know she appreciates my gratitude. I am very grateful for Vivian, Jackie Chan, Nikita Gill, A. A. Milne, Rupi Kaur, healing groups and communities, and — of course! — YOU.

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25 thoughts on “Day 1951: Vivian

  1. Here’s to making a difference in people’s lives, Ann. Congratulations on making Vivian’s stay in Boston memorable.

  2. What wonderful words to receive. In writing! If you do have a blue or off day you can reread Vivian’s heartfelt missive and keep it in your heart. A life filled with gratitude is the best life one can live.

  3. I have one of those “Smash The Patriarchy” pens too. Someone accidentally dropped it and I picked it up, passing on the message. That and Vivian’s letter made me think about the positive influence you’ve had on her and how she’ll pass that on to others—even to others you and she may never meet. That’s something you, Vivian, and Jackie Chan all share.

  4. How wonderful to have been able to work with her. Looks like you each enriched the other’s life. Love the quote about having an old life and letting that go. Important words.

  5. Some wonderful words, there.
    Good luck to Vivian!

  6. I love the notes and those two little dogs…

  7. Those dogs are just too adorable. What a beautiful note and to know the difference you make in other people’s lives Ann. So wonderful.

  8. I wish Vivian a happy life in the work

  9. All true friends belong to the fellowship of the human race. Once the link is made it is never broken neither by time or space. I hope that you enjoy the thought. :-).

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