Day 1950: What makes you smile?

What makes you smile?

It makes me smile to remember that smiling helps you and others feel better. (See There’s Magic in Your Smile: How Smiling Affects Your Brain for many reasons to smile.)

Do the complete lyrics of my first original song make you smile?

I love a lot of people,

My friends know that I do.

Human beings are my favorite things

But I don’t like you.


There aren’t a lot of a-holes

Within my immediate view.

But you are one

and I’m pretty much done

And I don’t like you.


I don’t like you.

You’re a notable exception

To my usual perception

That people are divine.


I don’t like you.

If I could I would avoid you.

You are like a hemorrhoid on

The beautiful butt of mankind.


There may be tragic reasons

Your unpleasant qualities grew.

I try to be kind,

Have an open mind,

Still I don’t like you.

© Ann Koplow, 2018

Do any of my photos from yesterday make you smile?











I am interested in the Mind body connection and also in music that makes people smile.


Of course, a comment from you would make me smile.

Finally, gratitude makes me smile, no matter where I find it.




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22 thoughts on “Day 1950: What makes you smile?

  1. I smile a lot. Carole always made me smile with her everlasting smile. I smile at my crazy self, I smile at our silly world, I smile with my friends, and now I’ll smile with you my friend, cheers to my friends, as I grin from ear to ear, trying not to worry about the overactive atoms between the ears …. Link, me and Carole smiling.

  2. While I was having my pre-admission orthopaedic interview several questions made me smile inwardly. I didn’t want to interrupt the young lady. When she had finished she said she had seen me twinkling. The eyes have it

  3. Love it! Thanks for putting a smile on my dial 😁

  4. I do like you, Expert On You own Experience.

  5. Back in my youth, Ann, one of my favorite Central New York bands played a song called “I Hate You.”

  6. Just reading the lyrics of your song makes me smile and I think when it’s set to music it’ll make me smile even more. Poop emojis also always make me smile and when they do my wife will ask, “How old are you?”
    That’s a running joke between us that also makes me smile.

  7. Reading your poem made me laugh and smile!

  8. You. Among many other things. And You.

  9. love all these smiles… a smile is the shortest distance between 2 people….

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