Day 1943: Celebrate National _______ Day!

Obviously, I think we should celebrate every day, no matter where we live, for our own reasons.  However, there’s a website (see here) that tells people from the United States what they should be celebrating each day of the year.

For example, today is

April 27th
National Devil Dog Day
National Babe Ruth Day
National Prime Rib Day
National Tell a Story Day
National Arbor Day – Last Friday in April
National Hairball Awareness Day – Last Friday in April
National Day of Silence – Changes Annually

Because today is National Tell a Story Day, I’d like to tell a story about yesterday.

Yesterday, I noticed hearts,




celebrated National Hairball Awareness Day a day early,



took pictures of other people’s pictures,




facilitated groups  where people expressed lots of different feelings about many different topics,








dropped and broke my mindfulness chime,


realized that I had a spare  mindfulness chime (not pictured),

encouraged people to share thoughts and feelings about  significant relationships,



and did NOT celebrate National Pretzel Day.


What might you celebrate today?

Even though today is National Day of Silence (because it’s the last Friday in April),  please feel free to make noise and tell a story in the comment section, below.

Rod Stewart and Ron Wood are celebrating and making noise here with “Every Picture Tells a Story.”

Every day at The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally is Gratitude Day, so thanks to all who helped me celebrate today, including you!


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19 thoughts on “Day 1943: Celebrate National _______ Day!

  1. Did you hear the one about the woman with the smart phone and the husky who walked into the bar, Ann?
    One got a highball and the other got a hairball.
    Maybe I should’ve celebrated the silence day …

  2. I shall celebrate that I woke up, got some things done, on my way to my mom’s to take her to breakfast, the sun is at my right shoulder trying to crack through the haze, and I am here. Oh, and I shall celebrate Ann Koplow today!

  3. I’ve celebrated my with all my friends, and thanked them for all their generous support.

    • As I commented on your post, Ivor, today is National Great Poetry Reading Day, so I hope people celebrate that by reading the great poetry in your blog.

  4. I’ll be celebrating the life of a dear friend’s mother today at a ceremony I know will be beautiful, thoughtful and inspired. She was quite a woman!

  5. Today might also be National Tell A Joke Day, which is always shifting. So a dog with a bandage on his foot walks into a bar and says, “I’m looking for the man who shot my paw.”

  6. Today I will celebrate the bloggers I read!!!!

    Happy YOU day.

  7. I will celebrate Ann Taking Pictures of People Taking Pictures Day because that’s a first for me.

  8. So every day’s a Day

    • Yes, Derrick, and today is

      April 28th
      National Kiss of Hope Day – Last Saturday in April
      National Blueberry Pie Day
      National BraveHearts Day
      National Great Poetry Reading Day
      Workers’ Memorial Day
      National Superhero Day
      National Rebuilding Day – Last Saturday in April
      National Sense of Smell Day – Last Saturday in April
      National Pool Opening Day – Last Saturday in April

      Thanks for being here every day — it means so much to me. You’re my superhero, braveheart.

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