Day 1942: Obviously

Obviously, sometimes people are going to say things you obviously don’t want to hear.

Yesterday, somebody in therapy was obviously perturbed about people expressing unsolicited and often indirect opinions about what they obviously thought she should do.

Obviously, we  made a list of how she could reply.


Obviously,  having a list of possible replies to upsetting comments can help reduce stress.

Obviously, I like to take photos and share them with my readers.








What’s obvious about those photos, to you?

Obviously,  my handwriting is difficult to read, so it might not be obvious that we talked, wrote, and drew about dreams in a therapy group yesterday.  Obviously, it would be helpful if I typed what I wrote.


When I was a child, I had a dream I didn’t want to wake up from. It was so beautiful and soothing and cool.  Magical land with lots of colors — pastels.  (I was) walking or riding down a road. Not like nature, not “normal” but safe and sweet and lovely. Trees and structures

I was never able to dream that again.

However, many years later I was at Disney World on a ride about imagination and one of the parts of the ride looked like my dream.

Obviously, I enjoyed that ride at Disney World.

Obviously, “The Obvious Child” by Paul Simon is a great song to include here.

Obviously,  I’d like to know your reactions to this post

Obviously, I gather and share gratitude in this blog, even if the words aren’t always completely obvious.



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20 thoughts on “Day 1942: Obviously

  1. That sounds like a lovely dream, but maybe it’s time to let go of the hope you formed at that time of dreaming it again. You dream differently now. Maybe better.

  2. It’s the subtext that gets me, obviously.

  3. Dreams may have layers of meaning, some more obvious than others, perhaps, I’ve come to ponder, Ann.

  4. Sometimes people want to share their feelings without needing advice; this isn’t always obvious but should be. Also I went on a previous version of that Disney World ride and remember the dragon was purple, or was that a pigment of my imagination?

  5. Obviously people just need to be heard. They don’t always want feedback which isn’t always obvious. Maybe she should have started by saying ‘I just need to vent, I don’t want feedback’. Obviously!

  6. Hey, thanks for posting the Paul Simon song! I didn’t remember it. Great way to start the day.

  7. I have nothing obvious to say about your dream. It is a gift if you can remember them enough to share them. Thank you for sharing them.

    It occurs to me that Aaron has always had a colourful imagination and he has red hair and surrounded himself with drawings and animations and stories of all kinds, and you made his world safe and sweet and stood tall for him and provided a home. Maybe you made your dream come true in an adult way.

  8. Oh my goodness YES thank you for sharing the list of responses. Oftentimes I find myself in situations like that when someone is talking to me in a condescending way almost with the assumption that I “don’t know” something or as if they are the “voice of reason” and telling me things that are obvious. Sometimes I find it so hard to respond to because it’s not like they are necessarily being intentionally “malicious”. Sometimes they even think they are being helpful…thanks for this post!!

  9. The best reply is “obviously” – subtle. Michael cooked that meal, obviously

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