Day 1941: Threads

Three days ago, I facilitated a retreat for the board of directors of a professional group psychotherapy association. During that retreat, I invited people to identify “threads,” defined as the important issues that

  • run through the history of the association,
  • keep coming up during retreats and other discussions about the association, and
  • connect people to the association.

As I was thinking about threads in preparation for that retreat, I noticed threads everywhere, including on this pair of gloves.


Here are some threads from the retreat:



At the end of the retreat, everybody there had taken ownership of some threads that were important to them. The threads I chose  included resolving conflict and making the organization more accessible to current and future members.  As I become President of the organization on July 1, I hope to help people develop  the threads that are important to them and weave them together into a strong and healthy tapestry.

Today, I’m thinking about the threads that run through this blog. Five of the strongest threads are love, group work,  hearts, food, and cats.

Another thread is photography.





Another strong thread in this blog is music, but I need to leave now to get to physical therapy on time.  Perhaps I’ll add that thread later.

What threads are important to you?

Gratitude is another strong thread in this blog, so …


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18 thoughts on “Day 1941: Threads

  1. My most important thread at the moment, is my bedspread, I’m tired and feeling threadbare, and hanging on by a thread, time for me to lay on my psychologist’s bed, tell her what’s going on inside my head.

  2. I’m with Ivor! I got a great night’s sleep, according to my Apple Watch app, SleepMatic, but I look forward to getting on the proverbial couch tomorrow to vent my life stresses and strains that are such constant companions these days.

  3. As my grandmother aged, it became my job to thread her sewing needles for her

  4. As always with threads, it is important. Not to become completely unravelled….

    I hope you have a good day, Ann.

  5. Here’s a bit of music I found, Ann, connecting so many theads that are just right for my feelings about you and your blog.

  6. Your blog, like so many others, invites comments, and when there are replies to comments that forms a “comment thread”—a term I hadn’t really thought about until you brought up threads. One thought leads to another and soon we’re all being strung along.

  7. Oscar!!

  8. I am so grateful for gratitude and how it is like a magic key to wellbeing. Love this thready post!

  9. Life is full of threads and there are some people who like to pull threads to see things unwind just for the fun of it

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