Day 1940: It’s all coming together

Even though this blog has been coming together daily for several years,  I’ve never before quoted something my boyfriend Michael says all the time.  Whenever I express relief or another positive reaction to some development, minor or major, Michael says, “It’s all coming together.”

I think Michael says that so often because

  • things seem to fall apart as often as they come together,
  • we discuss many falling-apart and coming-together developments, and
  • he wants to help me keep it together.

For example, yesterday I left the refrigerator door open when I left early in the morning, the refrigerator heated up to the extent that Michael had to throw away lots of food, I left my Fitbit at home, many people were falling apart at work, and whenever I looked at the news, it seemed like the whole world was falling apart. However, when I did a blood test last night and found my INR was in range (during a period where it’s often been out of range), Michael immediately declared, “It’s all coming together.”  It all came together for me and I said, “That’s the title of my blog post tomorrow.”

All my photos that weren’t loading to this site are now coming together, including several photos of ducks coming together.
















It’s all coming together for me to share #8 on this top 30 list of awesome rock.

It’s all right now and it’s all coming together for me to express my thanks to all who help me write these posts and — of course! — to YOU, for coming together to this blog.

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23 thoughts on “Day 1940: It’s all coming together

  1. Michael really has it together, Ann! And thank you for making me feel Free this morning, my friend.

  2. That temperature court cartoon really made me smile–it’s just like my house! Thanks for pulling this all together!

  3. Sometimes the world is puzzling and sometimes it’s just a puzzle where we only need to change the way we see the pieces for it all to come together.

  4. Ann, Take heart…all that has come apart will come together again.
    As gravity is that which holds all things together, so too will the commonality of mankind one day bring it all together again. All we need do is let go of pride and the substance of that commonality will be self evident.

  5. A saying I have heard and I do understand why people say it but not something I have ever said

    • Do you ever say, “It’s all falling into place?” Michael says that too. I like the way your thoughts come together, Joanne.

  6. I think I’m going to remember “It’s all coming together!” I really like that. So often I do experience a string of frustrations and then there’s an eventual resolve. I need to tap into this saying much earlier! i really feel the shock of finding your refrigerator left open. I’ll bet you could hardly believe it! Hope the rest of the week is much smoother, Ann. But yes, it will all come together. 🙂

  7. Oh I’ve been in a song mood lately, music keeps me together., a great rock version of a Beatles classic, “Come Together”

    • I was hoping it would come together for one of my readers to post the song “Come Together.” Thanks for getting it together to do that here, Ivor!

  8. Leaving the fridge door hanging open all day is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence for most of us, Ann. I am glad you have that behind you. 🙂

    I wonder if you were distracted by the view from your amazing windows?

    • This downstairs refrigerator is definitely dying, so I wonder if I subconsciously wanted to put it out of its misery. We have some refrigerator decisions ahead of us, for sure.

      I love the way all your comments come together to form an amazing tapestry of creativity and caring throughout this blog, Maureen.

      • Thank you for your kind reply, Ann. You made my day!

        Downstairs refrigerators have a tendency to die or to be always on the verge of dying, compared to upstairs fridges, although they also often come from a generation built to last… decades ago. If you get a new fridge, I hope you can find one that suits you well and is on sale..We had to get a new dishwasher last week. It is exactly the same as the one it replaced but it still put a dent in my credit card bill.

  9. My recent experience with things coming together involved my kitty boy Andy. Andy has high blood pressure – yeah, cats can have that, too! – and requires medicine. His medicine has a chicken flavor and requires refrigeration.

    In the three years he’s needed medicine, I’ve dealt with the notion that medicating cats is an ordeal. Sometimes, I had to wrap Andy in a towel to immobilize him. Sometimes he went into hiding as soon as I got ready to medicate him. Other times, he clawed me to let me know he was unhappy with the process.

    Then, it finally occurred to me: He doesn’t mind the taste of the medicine. He doesn’t like the fact it is cold!

    Now, I fix the kitty boys their wet food, me my breakfast. We eat, we relax (or clean up), and the syringe of cat medicine rests on a convenient side table warming up. I pick Andy up, no hassles, give him the warm medicine, he swallows it without a fuss, and I snuggle him like a baby on my shoulder, tell him what a good kitty he is, and put him down when he’s had enough loving.

    Yes, things have come together! It seems the answer to life’s complications is as simple as answering the right question. Also, don’t piss off the cat!

  10. Once again, Ivor’s thoughts and mine have come together – that will save me searching YouTube

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