Day 1934: Love is the answer

Here and now, when I ask myself the daily question, “What should I blog about today?” this is the answer:


When I ask myself, “What song do I want to hear now?”  this is the answer:

I love sharing the lyrics to Todd Rundgren’s “Love is the Answer” plus that live performance.

Do I have other photos from yesterday?  Here is the answer:




I love this: if you look for love, it’s there around you. That is the answer.

I love all answers to this blog, so consider commenting below.

I love thanking all who help me create my posts and — of course! — YOU, for all the questions and answers you bring.


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15 thoughts on “Day 1934: Love is the answer

  1. Luis Del Castillo

    And I love your blog

  2. No matter what happens in life
    Love is the essence of humanity

  3. Love is all you need, Ann.

  4. I don’t love, or even really like, the film Independence Day, and yet I’ve watched it several times because I love the character Julius Levinson. Not long ago another friend and I were discussing this film and I said, no offense to my real father who’s a good guy and whom I love, but the scene below always makes me wish he were my dad. It’s not strange, though, that we can love fictional characters. They show us who we’d like in our lives, or who we’d like to be.

  5. I will look around me for love today, Ann. And share some. Thank you.

    And I would very much like to know whether those dark things scattered over asparagus and rice are crimini mushrooms? Or some other kind of mushrooms? That looks like a yummy meal.

  6. Love is so amazing, it makes us feel good when we know we are loved and I am loved by those who matter in my life

  7. It certainly is

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